2018 Baltimore Orioles Top 10 Prospects

Orioles Top 10 Prospects
1. Austin Hays, OF
2. Ryan Mountcastle, 3B/SS
3. Chance Sisco, C
4. Hunter Harvey, RHP
5. D.L. Hall, LHP
6. Tanner Scott, LHP
7. Cody Sedlock, RHP
8. Anthony Santander, OF
9. Cedric Mullins, OF
10. Chris Lee, LHP

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For each organization, we identify the 10 prospects with the highest ceilings, with consideration given to the likelihood of reaching those ceilings.

To qualify as a prospect, a position player cannot exceed 130 big league at-bats, while a pitcher cannot exceed 50 innings or 30 relief appearances. These thresholds mirror major league rookie qualifications, albeit without regard for major league service time.

Notable Graduations: OF Trey Mancini (5) and LHP Donnie Hart (16).

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Strengths: In Austin Hays, Ryan Mountcastle, Chance Sisco and Cedric Mullins, the Orioles enter 2018 with as many as four potential future regular position players in their system. Hays and Mountcastle, in particular, have impact potential with the bat.

Weaknesses: For as much promise as pitchers like Hunter Harvey and D.L. Hall possess, they haven't proven their stuff can hold up for a full season. In fact, the system lacks a single impact rotation arm who could conceivably help in 2018. Even college arms like Cody Sedlock and Keegan Akin have not made seamless transitions to pro ball. Elsewhere, the Orioles don't engage in the market for international amateurs, and they had traded all but $500,000 of their bonus pool money for 2017-18, ensuring another thin class of Latin American imports.



🔸Best Hitter for Average: Austin Hays.
🔸Best Power Hitter: Austin Hays.
🔸Best Strike-Zone Discipline: Chance Sisco.
🔸Fastest Baserunner: Cedric Mullins.
🔸Best Athlete: Cedric Mullins.
🔸Best Fastball: Tanner Scott.
🔸Best Curveball: Hunter Harvey.
🔸Best Slider: Tanner Scott.
🔸Best Changeup: Yefry Ramirez.
🔸Best Control: Alex Wells.
🔸Best Defensive Catcher: Austin Wynns.
🔸Best Defensive INF: Erick Salcedo.
🔸Best INF Arm: Jomar Reyes.
🔸Best Defensive OF: Cedric Mullins.
🔸Best OF Arm: Austin Hays.



(Listed with 2021 season age)

🔸C Chance Sisco (25)
🔸1B Trey Mancini (28)
🔸2B Jonathan Schoop (29)
🔸3B Manny Machado (28)
🔸SS Tim Beckham (31)
🔸LF Ryan Mountcastle (24)
🔸CF Cedric Mullins (26)
🔸RF Austin Hays (26)
🔸DH Chris Davis (35)
🔸SP Kevin Gausman (30)
🔸SP Dylan Bundy (28)
🔸SP Hunter Harvey (26)
🔸SP D.L. Hall(23)
🔸SP Cody Sedlock (25)
🔸CL Zach Britton (33)



(Listed with 2017 organization)

🔸2008: C Matt Wieters (Nationals) | WAR: 15.7
🔸2009: C Matt Wieters (Nationals) | WAR: **
🔸2010: LHP Brian Matusz (Diamondbacks) | WAR: 2.7
🔸2011: SS Manny Machado (Orioles) | WAR: 27.9
🔸2012: RHP Dylan Bundy (Orioles) | WAR: 4.4
🔸2013: RHP Dylan Bundy (Orioles) | WAR: **
🔸2014: RHP Dylan Bundy (Orioles) | WAR: **
🔸2015: RHP Dylan Bundy (Orioles) | WAR: **
🔸2016: RHP Dylan Bundy (Orioles) | WAR: **
🔸2017: C Chance Sisco (Orioles) | Top 10



(Listed with 2017 organization)

🔸2008: LHP Brian Matusz (Diamondbacks) | WAR: 2.7
🔸2009: RHP Matt Hobgood (DNP) | WAR: N/A
🔸2010: SS Manny Machado (Orioles) | WAR: 27.9
🔸2011: RHP Dylan Bundy (Orioles) | WAR: 4.4
🔸2012: RHP Kevin Gausman (Orioles) | WAR: 8.0
🔸2013: RHP Hunter Harvey (Orioles) | Top 10
🔸2014: LHP Brian Gonzalez (Orioles) | WAR: N/A
🔸2015: OF D.J. Stewart (Orioles) | WAR: N/A
🔸2016: RHP Cody Sedlock (Orioles) | Top 10
🔸2017: LHP D.L. Hall (Orioles) | Top 10

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