2015 Logomania: Mobile BayBears

Editor’s Note: As part of our Minor League Logomania vote, we gave each of the 32 teams selected for our elite competition the opportunity to advocate for their logo by explaining its history, origin or design process. Ultimately, though, the decision on which one is best is up to you!

Mobile BayBears
League: Southern (Double-A) Mobile
Affiliate: Arizona Diamondbacks
Stadium: Hank Aaron Stadium

The main aspect of the logo is a tribute to the old 1940s and 1950s Mobile Bears that played at Hartwell Field. The team took the Bears logo and refreshed it with a reinvented BayBears name. The "Carolina" blue color over the navy color represents the ocean, since the team is on the Mobile Bay. The sand color in the logo, also the color of their primary home jerseys, pays tribute to the beautiful beaches in this area. The M, in Mobile, represents the waves of the water.

The BayBears name was created in 1997 as part of a story about mythical "BayBears" being spotted crawling out of the Bay. The new Bear was also designed to look more aggressive and infuse an intimidating aspect into the BayBears' name.