Baseball America Midseason Prospect Update

“I wish you would update your Top 10 Prospects lists…” WE JUST DID.



All the information you need for the trade deadline and beyond!

For the first time ever, Baseball America brings you a complete Midseason Prospect Update, an exclusive digital-only product that brings you information not available anywhere else. Get it all for just $4.99!

  • Updated Top 10 Prospects lists for all 30 teams, with scouting reports
  • Prospects on the rise and on the decline
  • Who’s going to be buying and selling at the trade deadline?
  • Plus the return of the Future Lineups!


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Midseason Prospect Update FAQ
Is it part of my subscription? : No, the Midseason Prospect Update is a never-before released digital-only product by Baseball America. Similar to our other products, such as the Prospect Handbook or the Fantasy Guide, the Midseason Prospect Update is not related to any of our subscriptions in any way.

How can I purchase it? : iPad and iPhone users can purchase the Midseason Prospect Update through the Apple Newsstand. Users who wish to use another platform can purchase it through Zinio.

iPad/iPhone users:

1) Download the Baseball America app ( from the App Store.

2) Once the app is download, you should see the “Midseason Prospect Update” in the bottom left corner with a “Special Issue” banner across the cover.

3) Tap on the cover then tap the $4.99 button to purchase.

Zinio users:

1) Download the Zinio reader for your desired platform:

Windows 8 Users –
Desktop/Laptop Users –
Android Users –

Kindle Users, please read Zinio’s instructions –

2) Once Zinio has downloaded, you search within the Zinio app or visit the Midseason Prospect Update ( product on Zinio's website.

3) Purchase the Midseason Prospect Update.