2006 AFL Rising Stars Showcase Rosters

The following are the rosters for the first Rising Stars Showcase, which will take place on Oct. 27 at Surprise Stadium. The rosters were selected by major league scouting and farm directors, with the requirement that each team have at least one player on the team.

East Division

Matt Albers, RHP, Solar Sox (Astros)
Jon Coutlangus, LHP, Desert Dogs (Reds)
Dewon Day, RHP, Scorpions (White Sox)
Marcus McBeth, RHP, Desert Dogs (Athletics)
Jonathan Meloan, RPH, Solar Sox (Dodgers)
Pat Misch, LHP, Scorpions (Giants)
Mike Mitchell, RHP, Desert Dogs (Athletics)
Mike Pelfrey, RHP, Solar Sox (Mets)
Jeff Ridgway, LHP, Desert Dogs (Devil Rays)
Billy Sadler, RHP, Scorpions (Giants)
Kevin Slowey, RHP, Solar Sox (Twins)

Landon Powell, Desert Dogs (Athletics)
Curtis Thigpen, Desert Dogs (Blue Jays)

Jamie D’™Antona, Scorpions (Diamondbacks)
Ryan Braun, Scorpions (Brewers)
Danny Richar, Scorpions (Diamondbacks)
Kevin Fransden, Scorpions (Giants)
Chin-Lung Hu, Solar Sox (Dodgers)
Scott Moore, Solar Sox (Cubs)
Eric Patterson, Solar Sox (Cubs)

Mary Reynolds, Desert Dogs (Blue Jays)
Travis Buck, Desert Dogs (Athletics)
Brent Clevlen, Desert Dogs (Tigers)
Fernando Martinez, Solar Sox (Mets)
Hunter Pence, Solar Sox (Astros)

Coaching Staff (Desert Dogs)
Manager: Tony DeFrancesco, Athletics
Pitching Coach: Tom Signore, Blue Jays
Coaches: Jamie Dismuke, Reds
Steve Livesey, Devil Rays

West Division

Jesse Chavez, RHP, Rafters (Pirates)
Lenny Dinardo, LHP, Javelinas (Red Sox)
Gio Gonzalez, LHP, Saguaros (Phillies)
J.A. Happ, LHP, Saguaros (Phillies)
Jesse Ingram, RHP, Rafters (Rangers)
Steve Kahn, RHP, Javelinas (Mariners)
Josh Newman, LHP, Rafters (Rockies)
Devin Perrin, RHP, Saguaros (Nationals)
Tony Sipp, LHP, Javelinas (Indians)
Will Startup, LHP, Javelinas (Braves)
Scott Tyler, RHP, Javelinas (Marlins)

Neil Walker, Rafters (Pirates)
Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Javelinas (Braves)

Eric Duncan, Saguaros (Yankees)
Yunel Escobar, Javelinas (Braves)
Michael Garciaparra, Javelinas (Mariners)
Chase Headley, Saguaros (Padres)
Joe Koshansky, Rafters (Rockies)
Kevin Kouzmanoff, Javelinas (Indians)
Troy Tulowitzki, Rafters (Rockies)

Trevor Crowe, Javelinas (Indians)
Jacoby Ellsbury, Javelinas (Red Sox)
Mitch Maier, Rafters (Royals)
Amaury Marti, Saguaros (Cardinals)
Nolan Reimold, Rafters (Orioles)

Coaching Staff (Peoria Saguaros)
Manager: Randy Ready, Padres
Pitching Coach: Rick Tomlin, Nationals
Coaches: James Rowson, Yankees
Derek Lilliquist, Cardinals