2005 Top 10 Prospects Index

Top 10 Prospects: Complete Index

Baseball America’s Top 10 Prospects lists are based
on projections of a player’s long-term worth after discussions with scouting
and player-development personnel. All players who haven’t exceeded the
major league rookie standards of 130 at-bats or 50 innings pitched (without
regard to service time) are eligible. Ages are as of April 1, 2006.

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Top Prospect/
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Top Prospect/
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Top Prospect/
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braves Andy Marte, 3bBill Ballew brewers Prince
Fielder, 1b
John Manuel
diamondbacks Stephen Drew, ssKevin Goldstein
Marlins Jeremy
Hermida, of
Mike Berardino
pirates Neil
Walker, c
John Perrotto
dodgers Chad Billingsley, rhp Alan Matthews
Mets Lastings
Milledge , of
Matt Meyers
cubs Felix
Pie, of
Jim Callis
rockies Ian Stewart, 3b Tracy Ringolsby
Phillies Cole
Hamels, lhp
Will Kimmey
astros Homer Bailey, rhpJ.J. Cooper Padres Cesar Carrillo, rhpKevin Goldstein
Nationals Ryan
Zimmerman , 3b
Aaron Fitt
reds Jason
Hirsh, rhp
Jim Callis
Giants Matt Cain, rhpJohn Manuel
astros Anthony
Reyes, rhp
Will Lingo
Top Prospect/
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Top Prospect/
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Top Prospect/
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Orioles Nick
Markakis, of
Will Lingo
indians Adam
Miller, rhp
Chris Kline
angels Brandon
Wood, ss
Alan Matthews
Orioles Andy
Marte, 3b
Jim Callis
White Sox Bobby
Jenks, rhp
Phil Rogers
a's Daric
Barton, 1b
Kevin Goldstein
Yankees Philip Hughes, rhpJohn Manuel tigers Justin Verlander, rhpJohn Manuel rangers Edison
Volquez, rhp
Aaron Fitt
Orioles Delmon Young, ofBill Ballew royals Alex
Gordon, 3b
Will Kimmey
mariners Jeff
Clement, c
Jim Callis
Orioles Dustin
McGowan, rhp
Matt Eddy
Twins Francisco
Liriano, lhp
Mike Berardino