2005 Minor League Transactions

Arizona Diamondbacks

Signed IF Osvaldo Diaz, C Robby Hammock, RHP Kerry Ligtenberg and LHP Darren Oliver.

Atlanta Braves

Signed RHPs Jason Childers, Arthur Santos and Michael Thompson.
Placed LHP Brian Langen on restricted list. Placed RHP Sung-Ki Jung on
military list.

Baltimore Orioles

Released RHP Jay Witasick. Placed RHP Joe Coppinger on suspended
list. Placed OF Jason Fransz and SS Enrique Wilson on temporarily
inactive list.

Boston Red Sox

Signed 3B Brant Ust. Released SSs Patrick Boran and Mike Moriarty and RHP John Stephens.

Chicago Cubs

Signed 3B Rick Bell, RHP Victor Ramos, OF David Kelton and LHP John
Koronka. Released LHPs James Anderson and Mark Carter. Placed C Oscar
Bernard and LHP Carlos Vasquez on restricted list.

Chicago White Sox

Signed LHP Kevin Walker.

Cincinnati Reds

Signed LHP Eric Eckenstahler. Released OF Elvin Beltre. Placed LHP Greg Goetz on restricted list.

Cleveland Indians

Signed RHP Matt Miller.

Colorado Rockies

Signed OF Brian Buchanan, 1B Aaron McNeal, RHPs Allan Simpson and
Jay Witasick and IF Armando Polanco. Released RHP Julian Gaillard.
Traded OF Reggie Taylor to Devil Rays for LHP Bobby Seay. Traded RHP
Shawn Sedlacek to Cardinals for a player to be named. Placed OF Jorge
Piedra and RHPs P.J. Bevis, Jason DiAngelo and Yusuke Arakawa on
restricted list.

Detroit Tigers

Released RHP Felix Cuello, SS Rayner Bautista and 3B Dean Palmer.
Placed IF Anthony Schifano on temporarily inactive list. Placed OF
Jackson Melian on restricted list.

Florida Marlins

Reinstated RHP Jeff Allison from inactive list. Placed LHP Nick
Lovato on voluntarily retired list. Placed 2B Eric Ordorica on
restricted list.

Houston Astros

Signed RHPs Roberto Giron, Brooks Kieschnick and Pedro Lopez.

Kansas City Royals

Signed C Paul Phillips. Placed RHP Jim Bullinger on suspended list. Placed RHP Kevin Appier on voluntarily retired list.

Los Angeles Angels

Signed RHP Mike Brunet and C Ivan Villaescusa. Placed LHPs Willy
Collazo and Scott Hindman, RHPs Francisco Cordova, Carlos Morban and
Henry Pena, SS Ryan Leahy and OF D.T. McDowell on restricted list.

Los Angeles Dodgers

Signed RHP Mike Neu.

Milwaukee Brewers

Released C Alberto Segura Cornier. Placed RHPs Victor Arias and Dany Mosquea on restricted list.

Minnesota Twins

Placed 1B Luis Antonio Jimenez on restricted list.

New York Mets

Released RHPs Giancarlo Alvarado, David Byard, Courtney Duncan and
Grant Roberts and LHP Mike Cox. Placed 3B Thomas Sgueglia, 1B Andres
Galarraga and RHPs Miguel Perez, Tanner Osberg and Todd Van Poppel on
restricted list.

New York Yankees

Released C Joe Depastino, RHPs David Shepard and Marc Valdes and OF Jason Grove.

Oakland Athletics

Placed RHP Elvis Avendano, OFs Javi Herrera and Luis Perez and C David Castillo on restricted list.

Philadelphia Phillies

Signed RHP Amaury Telemaco. Released RHP Ryan Hutchison. Placed 1B Randy Ruiz on restricted list.

Pittsburgh Pirates

Signed LHP C.J. Nitkowski. Placed OF Jon Nunnally, 3B Tom Evans and RHPs Steve Herce and Brian Mallette on restricted list.

St. Louis Cardinals

Signed C Cody Palmer and LHP/OF Rick Ankiel. Released RHPs Jose
Castillo, Mark Nussbeck and Zach Treadway and OFs Jose Garcia, Steve
Sherman and Brian Schwarze. Acquired RHP Shawn Sedlacek from Rockies
for a player to be named.

San Diego Padres

Released LHPs J.D. Cockroft and Jake Vose and RHP Aaron Coonrod.
Placed LHP Roger Deago, RHPs Clay Hensley and Nathan Sevier and IF
Kervin Jacobo on restricted list.

San Francisco Giants

Signed RHPs Aaron Looper and Albie Lopez, LHP Andrew Lorraine and OF
Abraham Nunez. Released RHP Rick Guttormson, LHPs Armando Almanza and
Ken Mullen, C Steve Morales and OF Kit Pellow. Placed LHPs Troy Cate
and Damian Moss, Cs Ryan Christianson and Omar Falcon, RHP Renee
Cortez, SS Jesus Guzman and OFs Billy Hogan and Greg Jacobs on
restricted list. Placed C Luis Oliveros on temporarily inactive list.

Tampa Bay Devil Rays

Signed C Pete LaForest. Released C Steve Ghutzman and RHP Nick
Moran. Placed 1B Aaron Cook, OF Marty Cordova, SS Luis DePaula, RHPs
Jeremy Flanagan and Michael Navaroli on restricted list. Placed 1B Earl
Synder on temporarily inactive list. Traded LHP Bobby Seay to Rockies
for OF Reggie Taylor.

Texas Rangers

Released RHP Dustin Scheffel. Placed Cs Lizahio Baez and Justin
Hatcher, OF Dane Bubela and RHP Williams Sarmiento on restricted list.

Toronto Blue Jays

Signed RHPs Ryan Glynn and Justin Miller. Placed RHP Brian Reed, SSs
Julius Matos and Raul Tablado and 3B Greg Powers on restricted list.
Placed RHP Ryan Prahm on voluntarily retired list.

Washington Nationals

Signed RHP Travis Hughes. Placed C Anthony Ambrosini and LHP Brett
Nyquist on restricted list. Placed LHP Jon Felfoldi on suspended list.