Tigers Find Taker For Pugilistic Colon

The Deal
Looking to trade pugilistic righthander Roman Colon, the Tigers found a taker in the Royals, who on July 13 promised Detroit a player to be named, a player who turned out to be lefty Danny Christensen.

The Big Leaguer
Colon’s big league career is not distinguished. He’s gone 6-7, 5.03 in 127 innings with 87 strikeouts and 43 walks for the Braves and Tigers. But after his flare-up with Triple-A Toledo in 2007, the same cannot be said for Colon’s reputation. He was charged with felonious assault after a June 12 clubhouse brawl in which the 27-year-old was fighting with another Mud Hen teammate when righthander Jason Karnuth tried to intervene. Karnuth sustained several broken bones in his face after Colon hit him.

The Prospect
Christensen, 24, won the Double-A Texas League’s “bizarro” triple crown, going 3-15, 6.21 and leading all pitchers in losses, home runs allowed (23) and highest ERA. A fourth-round pick from a Brooklyn high school in 2002 who had Tommy John surgery two years later, Christensen struggled to command his 85-89 mph fastball in 2007, which hampered his ability to get to his average curveball and plus changeup.

Quick Take
Considering Colon’s value was at an all time low following his Mud Hens tirade, the Tigers did well to acquire a pitcher like Christensen, who could one day fit as a lefty reliever.

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