The Upper Deck

👀👀👀👀👀👀👀 X 💯

If WWE announcer Jim Ross had been in attendance he would have let out one of his catch phrases--"Good God Almighty!”--in reaction to Louisville shortstop Devin Hairston's throw across the diamond. Hairston made a diving stop and fired an absolute missile to first base to get the out. Unfortunately for Hairston and his teammates, the Cards lost 4-3 to Texas Christian and were eliminated from the College World Series.

Puttin' on a Show

It might not go down in history, as the Tacoma Rainiers Twitter account suggests, but Andrew Aplin's diving snag was indeed a thing of beauty. Aplin goes full extension and then slides an extra few feet after the catch. He even adds to the drama by laying there an extra few seconds. Well played, my friend.

Big Papi Roast

What a guy. In order to help raise money for his children's foundation, David Ortiz let comedians and others tear him apart in a Comedy Central-style roast. I guess that's the kind of thing you do when you retire from baseball? Warning if you run into any clips of it on the Internet, some of the content is NSFW.

Ice in his Veins

Despite a loss last week, The Freeze was as dominant as ever on Thursday and back to making Braves fans look like fools. Let's hope the Freeze accepts the challenge from Alabama wide receiver Calvin Ridley

 before football season starts up.

The Gang is Beer

Clemson's Seth Beer and the majority of the other USA Baseball Collegiate National Team training camp invitees played their first game at the USA Baseball complex in Cary, N.C., on Thursday. The team defeated the Catawba Valley Stars 10-0.