The Book Guide, 2006


BUILT TO WIN. By John Schuerholz with Larry Guest (Warner Books, $24.95). Braves general manager offers insights and anecdotes about how he built the Braves into a perennial winner.

CAP ANSON 4: BIGGER THAN BABE RUTH: CAPTAIN ANSON OF CHICAGO.  By Howard W. Rosenberg (Tile Books, $33).  Biography of 19th-century baseball star Cap Anson.  Two dozen of its 560 pages devoted to his racism and claims of its impact on the drawing of the color line in the 1880s.

CLEMENTE. By David Maraniss (Simon & Schuster, $26). Biographer of Presidents and Vince Lombardi turns his focus to baseball’s biggest Latino hero.

DESIGNATED HEBREW. By Ron Blomberg and Dan Schlossberg (Sports Publishing LLC, $19.95). Autobiography of the first pick in the 1967 draft and baseball’s first DH.

FANTASYLAND. By Sam Walker (Viking, $25.95). Wall Street Journal reporter delves deeply into fantasy baseball.

FULL SWING. HITS, RUNS AND ERRORS IN A WRITER’S LIFE. By Ira Berkow (Ivan R. Dee, $26). Biography of longtime New York Times sports columnist.

GAME OF SHADOWS. By Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams (Gotham Books, $26). Impressive reporting details Barry Bonds and the steroids scandal in sports.

HAMMERING HANK. By Mark Stewart and Mike Kennedy (The Lyons Press, $22.95). Biography of Hank Aaron, viewed largely through the prism of how the media perception of Aaron changed through the decades.

HONUS WAGNER. Edited by William R. Cobb (Sports Media Group, $24.95). Reprint of Wagner’s 80-year-old autobiography, published in newspapers in the mid-1920s.

IRON HORSE, LOU GEHRIG IN HIS TIME. By Ray Robinson (Norton, $14.95). Paperback update of biography of the Yankees’ great.

IT’S ONLY ME, THE TED WILLIAMS WE HARDLY KNEW. By John Underwood (Triumph Books, $27.95). Coauthor of Williams’ autobiography shares his memories of Williams through 30 years of friendship.

JUICED. By Jose Canseco (Regan Books, $15.95). Paperback version of Canseco’s expose on steroid use in Major League Baseball.

LOST IN THE SUN. By Roy Gleason, as told to Wallace Wasinack with Mark Langill (Sports Publishing LLC, $24.95). Autobiography of the only major leaguer to be drafted and sent to Vietnam.

LOVE ME, HATE ME. By Jeff Pearlman (HarperCollins, $25.95). Author interviewed 500 of Barry Bonds’ colleagues, friends and enemies for a well-researched look at Bonds’ life.

MAKING AIRWAVES. By Milo Hamilton and Dan Schlossberg with Bob Ibach (Sports Publishing LLC, $24.95). Hall of Fame broadcaster chronicles his 60 years covering baseball.

MICKEY VERNON, THE GENTLEMAN FIRST BASEMAN. By Rich Westcott (Camino Books, $24.95). Biography of Senators all-star first baseman.

MONEY PITCHER. By William C. Kashatus (Penn State Press, $35). Biography of pitcher Chief Bender and the racism he endured because of his Chippewa Indian heritage.

TALES FROM THE REDS DUGOUT. By Tom Browning (Sports Publishing LLC, $19.95). Reds pitcher remembers his time in Cincinnati, including his 1988 perfect game.

SLEEPER CARS AND FLANNEL UNIFORMS. By Elden Auker with Tom Keegan (Triumph Books, $14.95). Tigers sidearmer from the 1930s writes about facing Ruth and Gehrig, and life in baseball in the days of day games and radio.

STEPPING UP. By Alex Belth (Persea Books, $22.95). Biography of Curt Flood and how he revolutionized the game of baseball.

TRIS SPEAKER. By Timothy Gay (University of Nebraska Press, $27.95). Biography of the former Red Sox and Indians great.

THE WIT AND WISDOM OF OZZIE GUILLEN. By Brett Ballantini (Triumph Books, $7.95). Baseball’s most quotable manager’s quips, anecdotes and humor organized by topic.


THE KID FROM TOMKINSVILLE. By John R. Tunis (Odyssey Classics, $5.95). Reprint from 1941 traces fictional account of Roy Tucker’s arrival as a rookie with the Brooklyn Dodgers.

WORLD SERIES. By John R. Tunis (Odyssey Classics, $5.95). Follow up to The Kid From Tomkinsville, traces Tucker’s team in the World Series.


BEST OF BASEBALL DIGEST. Edited by John Kuenster (Ivan R. Dee, $29.95). Best writing of Baseball Digest’s 60-plus years of covering the game.

TALKING BASEBALL AMONGST FRIENDS. By Steve Sullivan (Shamrock Publishing, $16.95). Dozens of majors leaguers share short vignettes about what their most memorable moment is.


CAMP FORD. By Johnny Boggs (Five Star, $25.95). As much a western as a baseball novel, 99-year-old remembers the greatest game he ever saw, when Union prisoners played Confederate prison guards during the Civil War.

FENWAY FICTION. Edited by Adam Emerson Pachter (Rounder Books, $14.95). Red Sox fans pen their own takes on the Sox with fiction inspired by their favorite team.

THE GOLDEN MOMENT. By Benjie Meleras (Trafford Publishing, $17.35). Fictional account of a Division III college pitcher who heads to Europe, before eventually being discovered by the Blue Jays.

THE SHOT HEARD ‘ROUND THE WORLD. By Daniel Wyatt (Whitmore Publishing, $14). Author writes a fictional account of how the Giants rallied to win the 1951 pennant.

SUITCASE SEFTON AND THE AMERICAN DREAM. By Jay Feldman (Triumph, $22.95). Novel set in 1942 tells the story of a scout and the Japanese-American pitcher he finds in an internment camp.


BARNSTORMING TO HEAVEN. By Alan J. Pollock (University of Alabama Press, $35). History of Syd Pollock’s barnstorming Negro League teams, written by his son, who grew up around the teams.

BASEBALL FOREVER. By Ralph Kiner (Triumph Books, $16.95). Paperback version of Pirates and broadcast great’s memories of 60 years in the game of baseball.

BIRTH OF A DYNASTY. By Joel Sherman (Rodale, $24.95). Yankees beat writer looks back at the 1996 Yankees, the team which began the club’s dominance of the late 1990s.

BURY MY HEART AT COOPERSTOWN. By Frank Russo and Gene Racz (Triumph Books, $14.95). Maybe the year’s most off-the-wall offering, book offers a look at baseball players who have died in unusual circumstances.

BURYING THE BLACK SOX. By Gene Carney (Potomac Books, $26.95). Instead of focusing on the mechanics of the scandal, author highlights the mechanics of the cover-up that followed.

CALL THE YANKEES MY DADDY. By Cecil Harris (Lyons Press, $14.95). Recollections of the first full-time black Yankees beat writer on baseball, race and family.

CARDINALS ESSENTIAL. By David Claerbaut (Triumph, $19.95). Anecdotes and vignettes tell the story of the Cardinals through the years.

CATFISH, YAZ AND HAMMERIN’ HANK. By Phil Pepe (Triumph, $27.95).Illustrated history of baseball in the 1970s, written by Yankees beat writer from the era.

CLEARING THE BASES. By Mike Schmidt (Harper Collins, $24.95). Hall of Famer offers his opinions on what’s wrong with the current game, and how to fix it.

CUBS ESSENTIAL. By Lew Freedman (Triumph Books, $19.95). Short-form history of the Cubs through the years, with an all-time Cubs roster and trivia.

FEW AND CHOSEN, DEFINING DODGERS GREATNESS ACROSS THE ERAS. By Duke Snider with Phil Pepe (Triumph Books, $27.95). Dodgers great tries to pick the top Dodger at each position.

THE 50 GREATEST RED SOX GAMES. By Cecilia Tan and Bill Nowlin (Wiley, $22.95). Authors take swing at highlighting the best Red Sox games of the past century.

THE 50 GREATEST YANKEE GAMES. By Cecilia Tan (Wiley, $22.95). Book chronicles the 50 biggest games in Yankees history.

GAME DAY: RED SOX BASEBALL. By Athlon Sports (Triumph, $24.95). Picture book history of the Red Sox, from Cy Young to David Ortiz.

GAME DAY: YANKEES BASEBALL. By Athlon Sports (Triumph, $24.95). Picture book history of the Yankees through the years.

GAME OF MY LIFE. By Chaz Scoggins (Sports Publishing LLC, $24.95). Author gets 20 former Red Sox players to discuss their greatest games.

A GREAT DAY IN COOPERSTOWN. By Jim Reisler (Carroll and Graf, $26). Book traces the origins and the history of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

MY TEAM. By Larry Dierker (Simon & Schuster, $25). Former Astros manager picks an all-star team of the best players he’s seen during his 40 years in baseball.

OLD TIME BASEBALL. By Harvey Frommer (Taylor Trade, $22.95). History of baseball in the 1800s, going back to 1842.

THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN. By Fay Vincent (Simon and Schuster, $26). Former baseball commissioner gathers stories from 10 baseball stars from the 1930s and 1940s.

ONCE THEY WERE ANGELS. By Robert Goldman (Sports Publishing LLC, $24.95). History of the California/Anaheim/Los Angeles Angels as told through interviews with Angels greats.

PHILLIES ESSENTIAL. By Rich Westcott (Triumph, $19.95). History of the Phillies told in anecdotes, short stories and stats.

RED SOX ESSENTIAL. By Jim Prime (Triumph, $19.95). History of Red Sox told in short-form stories anecdotes and trivia.

REMEMBERING THE MONTREAL EXPOS. By Danny Gallagher and Bill Young (Scoop Press, $22.95). Canadian writers bid a fond farewell to the Expos in this wrap-up of their 36 years in Montreal.

ROB NEYER’S BIG BOOK OF BASEBALL BLUNDERS. By Rob Neyer (Simon & Schuster, $16). author highlights players, managers and general managers’  biggest mistakes throughout the years.

SAYING IT’S SO. By Daniel A. Nathan (University of Illinois Press, $19.95). Cultural history of the Black Sox scandal’s impact on baseball and society.

SAYONARA HOME RUN! By John Gall and Gary Engel (Chronicle Press, $18.95). Lavishly illustrated book chronicles the art of Japanese baseball cards through the decades.

SHADES OF GLORY. By Lawrence D. Hogan. (National Geographic, $26). Relatively exhaustive history of the Negro Leagues and black baseball players, from the integrated teams of the 1870s to the end of the Negro Leagues in the late 1950s.

SMITHSONIAN BASEBALL. By Stephen Wong (Smithsonian Books, $29.95). Lavishly illustrated book features items from the top private collections of baseball memorabilia.

TALES FROM THE SAN DIEGO PADRES. By Bob Chandler with Bill Swank (Sports Publishing LLC, $19.95). Longtime Padres broadcaster spins stories about the Padres 38 years in San Diego.

THE TICKET OUT, DARRYL STRAWBERRY & THE BOYS OF CRENSHAW. By Michael Sokolove (Simon & Schuster Paperbacks, $14). Paperback version of book chronicling the highly talented 1979 Crenshaw High Cougars, and how many of their dreams failed to be realized.

WHERE HAVE YOU GONE CAL RIPKEN JR.? By Jeff Seidel (Sports Publishing LLC, $19.95). Author gathers stories from 36 former Orioles, ranging from stars like Ripken and Eddie Murray to part-timers like Jeff Manto.


HIT LIKE A BIG LEAGUER. By Jack Maloof (McGraw Hill, $16.95). Braves minor league hitting coordinator and former big league hitting coach breaks down the essentials of developing a solid swing.

ICHIRO’S ART OF PLAYING BASEBALL. By Jim Rosenthal (Griffin Paperback, $19.95). Mariners star gives tips on hitting, bunting, basestealing and fielding.

MENTALBALL, BEAT YOUR INVISIBLE OPPONENT AT ITS OWN GAME. By Dr. Richard Crowley (Cahil House Publishing, $19.99). Sports psychologist offers tips to improve at the mental side of the game.

PARENTING YOUNG ATHLETES THE RIPKEN WAY. By Cal Ripken Jr., with Rick Wolf (Gotham Books, $25). Advice on how to ensure that your kids enjoy sports, with an emphasis on good sportsmanship.

THE SCOUTING REPORT, PROFESSIONAL ATHLETICS. By Dale Murphy ($30). Former Braves great offers tips for pro players into how to select agents, invest wisely, balance career and family and other tips of the trade.


2006 BASEBALL AMERICA ALMANAC. By the staff of Baseball America (Baseball America, $18.95). Stats for virtually every professional baseball league in the world, plus wrap-ups of the major league, minor league, college, high school and summer leagues.

2006 BASEBALL AMERICA DIRECTORY. By the staff of Baseball America (Baseball America, $23.95). Guide to major and minor league organizations with schedules, names and numbers.

2006 BASEBALL AMERICA PROSPECT HANDBOOK. By the staff of Baseball America (Baseball America, $27.95). Scouting reports on the top 30 prospects in each major league organization’s farm system.

2006 BASEBALL AMERICA SUPER REGISTER. By the staff of Baseball America (Baseball America, $74.95). Career statistics for every active player in the major and minor leagues.

THE BASEBALL REGISTER & FANTASY HANDBOOK. (Sporting News Books, $24.95). Amalgamation of old baseball register and the now-defunct scouting notebook, with short scouting reports and stats on every player who played in the big leagues in 2005.

THE BILL JAMES HANDBOOK. By Bill James and Baseball Information Solutions (ACTA Sports, $19.95). Annual statistical reference with hitter and pitching projections as well as player win shares and career stats for every 2005 major leaguer.

THE COMPLETE BASEBALL RECORD & FACT BOOK. Edited by Steve Gietschier (Sporting News Books, $22.95). Update of Major League Baseball’s official record book.

ESPN BASEBALL ENCYCLOPEDIA 2006. Edited by Gary Gillette and Pete Palmer (Sterling, $24.95). Update of the long-time reference work that lists career stats for every major leaguer.

MINOR LEAGUE BASEBALL ANALYST. By Deric McKamey (Shandler Enterprises, LLC, $19.95). Concise scouting reports and stats for 1,000 minor leaguers.

ROTISSERIE LEAGUE BASEBALL. Edited by John Benson (John Benson, $19.95). New edition of the rotisserie league standard, with a new foreword by Glen Waggoner.

SPORTING NEWS 2006 EDITION BASEBALL GUIDE. (Sporting News Books, $18.95). Statistical wrap-up of the 2005 season in the majors and minor leagues.

THE SPORTS ENCYCLOPEDIA BASEBALL, 2006. By David Neft, Richard M. Cohen and Michael Neft (St. Martin’s Griffin $22.95). Update of the reference book that lists every player of every team, in a year-by-year format.


ARMED AND DANGEROUS. By Jose de Jesus Ortiz Jr. (Sports Publishing LLC, $16.95). Astros beat writer tells the story of the Astros run to the World Series in 2005, but also goes back to tell the story of how the team began to be built in 2004.

BIRTH OF A DYNASTY. By Joel Sherman (Rodale, $24.95). Yankees beat writer looks back at the 1996 Yankees, the team which began the club’s dominance of the late 1990s.

SAY IT’S SO. By Phil Rogers (Triumph, $24.95). Longtime beat writer tells the story of White Sox’ long anticipated World Series title.

THE RED SOX TEAM THAT SAVED BASEBALL. Edited by Bill Nowlin and Cecilia Tan (Rounder Books, $14.95). Compilation of biographies on all 37 players who played for the Red Sox in 1975.

REVERSING THE CURSE. By Dan Shaugnessy (Houghton Mifflin, $13.95). Paperback version of Boston columnist memories of the 2004 Red Sox World Series title.

THREE NIGHTS IN AUGUST. By Buzz Bizzinger (Mariner Books, $13.95). Paperback version of last year’s book in which author collaborated with Tony La Russa on La Russa’s approach during a three-game series.


BASEBALL PROSPECTUS 2006. Edited by Steven Goldman and Christina Kahrl (Workman, $18.95). Sabermetric annual has predictions, team essays and studies on baseball.

BEHIND THE SCENES BASEBALL. By Doug Decatur (ACTA Sports, $14.95). Statistical consultant takes a look at how statistical analysis has helped baseball teams, and how teams have ignored stats at their own peril.

THE FIELDING BIBLE. By John Dewan (ACTA Sports, $19.95). Maybe the most in-depth look at fielding ever, as Dewan’s group analyzed every ball put in play in 2005.

THE HARDBALL TIMES BASEBALL ANNUAL. (ACTA Sports, $17.95). Baseball Prospectus-style book from a variety of baseball writers including Rob Neyer, Bill James, John Dewan and Anne Ursu.

RON SHANDLER’S BASEBALL FORECASTER. By Ron Shandler (ACTA Sports, $24.95). Projections and stats looking ahead at the 2006 season.

By Dayn Perry (Wiley $24.95). Author examines which statistical measures tend to correlate most strongly with winning baseball teams.

See a baseball book released this year that’s not on the list? Send J.J. Cooper information about it and we will try to add it to the list.