Surveying The Landscape After The 2014 Trade Deadline

Now that the dust has settled on the 2014 trade deadline, let’s take stock of the altered landscape and view the in-season maneuvering as a complete narrative rather than a few stray transactions.

Reflected here are all the player-for-player trades involving big leaguers or prospects consummated between Opening Day and the July 31 deadline. For each team, players are classified as either imports or exports. A series of two slashes (//) marks the dividing line between major league and minor league players. Teams are listed in order of standing as of the morning of Aug. 1.

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• Import • C Nick Hundley, LHR Andrew Miller
• Export • LHR Troy Patton // LHS Eduardo Rodriguez (AA)

Blue Jays (1.5 GB — Wild Card 2)
• Import • 3B Danny Valencia
• Export • RHS Liam Hendriks (AAA), C Erik Kratz (AAA)

Yankees (5 GB)
• Import • SS Stephen Drew, 3B Chase Headley, RHS Brandon McCarthy, 3B/OF Martin Prado
• Export • 3B Kelly Johnson, LHS Vidal Nuno, 3B Yangervis Solarte // RHS Rafael De Paula (Hi A), C/1B Pete O’Brien (AA), PTBN

Rays (7.5 GB)
• Import • LHS Drew Smyly // SS Willy Adames (Lo A), 2B/SS Nick Franklin (AAA)
• Export • LHS David Price

Red Sox (12.5 GB)
• Import • OF Yoenis Cespedes, OF/1B Allen Craig, 3B Kelly Johnson, RHS Joe Kelly // LHS Edwin Escobar (AAA), RHR Heath Hembree (AAA), LHS Eduardo Rodriguez (AA), 2015 supplemental second-round pick
• Export • SS Stephen Drew, OF Jonny Gomes, RHS John Lackey, LHS Jon Lester, LHR Andrew Miller, RHS Jake Peavy // LHP Corey Littrell (Hi A)

Best Haul: Yankees

The Yankees acquired their No. 3 starter (McCarthy) plus fresh regulars at second base (Drew), third base (Headley) and right field (Prado) in July. They did so without surrendering a big league regular or a blue-chip prospect. No, the cost was purely financial. New York assumed roughly $13.5 million in gross salary commitments for the rest of 2014 (not counting the money coming back in the transactions), and Prado is signed through 2016 and is owed $22 million in the final two seasons.

Biggest Seller: Red Sox

The Red Sox moved $19.9 million in gross salary commitments for 2014 by trading six veterans—Drew, Gomes, Lackey, Lester, Miller and Peavy—but they offset that by taking on the contracts of Cespedes, Craig, Johnson and Kelly for 2014 and, in some cases, beyond. The acquisitions of promising young southpaws Escobar and Rodriguez (plus extra money to play with in the 2015 draft) sweetened the deals.


• Import • LHS David Price, RHR Joakim Soria
• Export • CF Austin Jackson, RHR Corey Knebel, LHS Drew Smyly // SS Willy Adames (Lo A), RHS Jake Thompson (AA)

Royals (4 GB)
• Import • RHR Jason Frasor // RHS Liam Hendriks (AAA), C Erik Kratz (AAA)
• Export • 3B Danny Valencia // RHR Spencer Patton (AAA)

Indians (6.5 GB)
• Import • 2B/SS Zach Walters // CF James Ramsey (AA)
• Export • SS Asdrubal Cabrera, RHS Justin Masterson

White Sox (7 GB)
• Import • None
• Export • None

Twins (11 GB)
• Import • LHS Tommy Milone // RHR Stephen Pryor (AAA)
• Export • CF Sam Fuld, 1B Kendrys Morales

Best Haul: Tigers

Detroit acquired the top starter available (Price) and one of the top relievers (Soria) on the market, though it did cost the club its starting center fielder (Jackson), its No. 5 starter (Smyly) and the assumption of the $6.5 million still owed Price and Soria for 2014. On the bright side, both pitchers are under team control for 2015, so they’re not mere rentals.

Biggest Seller: Indians

Even as they hover near .500 and on the fringes of the wild-card race, the Indians decided that trading pending free agents Cabrera and Masterson did little to affect their chances one way or the other. They shed nearly $6.6 million in gross salary commitments for 2014 while also picking up two young players—Ramsey and Walters—who profile as, at worst, big league reserves.


• Import • 1B Kyle Blanks, CF Sam Fuld, LF Jonny Gomes, RHS Jason Hammel, LHS Jon Lester, RHS Jeff Samardzija
• Export • OF Yoenis Cespedes, LHS Tommy Milone // OF Jake Goebbert (AAA), RHS Ronald Herrera (Lo A), OF Billy McKinney (Hi A), SS Addison Russell (AA), RHS Dan Straily (AAA), 2015 supplemental second-round pick, PTBN

Angels (2 GB — Wild Card 1)
• Import • RHR Jason Grilli, RHR Huston Street, LHR Joe Thatcher // OF Tony Campana (AAA), RHR Trevor Gott (AA)
• Export • RHR Ernesto Frieri // RHR R.J. Alvarez (AA), LF Zach Borenstein (AA), RHR Joe Krehbiel (Hi A), 2B Taylor Lindsey (AAA), RHS Elliot Morris (Hi A), SS Jose Rondon (Hi A)

Mariners (10.5 GB)
• Import • OF Chris Denorfia, OF Austin Jackson, 1B Kendrys Morales
• Export • OF Abraham Almonte (AAA), 2B/SS Nick Franklin (AAA), RHR Stephen Kohlscheen (AAA), RHR Stephen Pryor (AAA)

Astros (23 GB)
• Import • OF Jake Marisnick (AAA), RHS Francis Martes (R), 3B Colin Moran (Hi A), 2015 supplemental first-round pick
• Export • RHP Jarred Cosart, SS Enrique Hernandez // OF Austin Wates (AAA)

Rangers (23.5 GB)
• Import • RHR Corey Knebel // RHR Spencer Patton (AAA), RHS Jake Thompson (AA)
• Export • RHR Jason Frasor, RHR Joakim Soria

Best Haul: Athletics

The Angels added a closer (Street) and the Mariners added three desperately-needed bats (Denorfia, Jackson and Morales), but the Athletics stole the show by picking up three likely playoff starters (Hammel, Lester, Samardzija) and all manner of useful part-time players (Blanks, Fuld, Gomes) who could factor in a short series.

Biggest Seller: Rangers

Nothing has gone right for the Rangers this season, and as one of the two uncompetitive AL West teams, they clearly identified themselves as sellers. They just didn’t have that much to sell, netting a pair of unproven relievers (Knebel, Patton) and a possible mid-rotation arm down the line (Thompson) for Frasor and Soria.


• Import • SS Asdrubal Cabrera
• Export • 2B/SS Zach Walters

Braves (1.5 GB)
• Import • OF/2B Emilio Bonifacio, LHR James Russell
• Export • C Victor Caratini (Lo A)

Marlins (6 GB)
• Import • RHP Jarred Cosart, SS Enrique Hernandez // OF Austin Wates (AAA)
• Export • OF Jake Marisnick (AAA), RHS Francis Martes (R), 3B Colin Moran (Hi A), 2015 supplemental first-round pick

Mets (7 GB)
• Import • LHS Blake Taylor (R), RHR Zach Thornton (AAA)
• Export • 1B Ike Davis

Phillies (11.5 GB)
• Import • None
• Export • None

Best Haul: Nationals

Washington remedied one of the more suspect second-base situations in the NL by acquiring Cabrera for the rest of the season. The Braves took a volume approach, acquiring a speed-oriented, multi-position weapon (Bonifacio) and an imperfect lefty reliever (Russell) who has allowed same-side batters to hit .240/.276/.416 against him for his career.

Biggest Seller: Mets

The NL East essentially sat on its hands compared with the other five divisions, and no true seller emerged. By trading Davis in mid-April the Mets came closest, saving nearly $2.9 million in salary for 2014.


• Import • OF Gerardo Parra
• Export • LHS Anthony Banda (Lo A), OF Mitch Haniger (AA)

Cardinals (2 GB — Wild Card 2)
• Import • RHS John Lackey, RHS Justin Masterson // LHP Corey Littrell (Hi A)
• Export • OF/1B Allen Craig, RHS Joe Kelly // OF James Ramsey (AA)

Pirates (2.5 GB)
• Import • 1B Ike Davis, RHR Ernesto Frieri
• Export • RHR Jason Grilli // LHS Blake Taylor (R), RHR Zach Thornton (AAA)

Reds (5.5 GB)
• Import • None
• Export • None

Cubs (14 GB)
• Import • C Victor Caratini (Lo A), RF Billy McKinney (Hi A), SS Addison Russell (AA), RHS Dan Straily (AAA), PTBN
• Export • OF/2B Emilio Bonifacio, RHS Jason Hammel, LHR James Russell, RHS Jeff Samardzija

Best Haul: Cardinals

The Cardinals fortified their playoff rotation by adding Lackey and Masterson to a collective that already includes Adam Wainwright and Lance Lynn, though they did sacrifice big league contributors Craig and Kelly. At least trading Craig created a clear path to playing time for top prospect Oscar Taveras in right field.

Biggest Seller: Cubs

Chicago shed roughly $5.2 million in gross salary commitments for 2014 by trading Bonifacio, Hammel, Russell and Samardzija, while also acquiring an elite prospect (Addison Russell), two interesting young bats (Caratini, McKinney) and a potential back-end starter (Straily).


• Import • None
• Export • None

Giants (3.5 GB — Wild Card 1)
• Import • RHS Jake Peavy
• Export • LHS Edwin Escobar (AAA), RHR Heath Hembree (AAA)

Padres (13.5 GB)
• Import • LHR Troy Patton, 3B Yangervis Solarte // OF Abraham Almonte (AAA), RHR R.J. Alvarez (AA), RHS Rafael De Paula (Hi A), OF Jake Goebbert (AAA), RHS Ronald Herrera (Lo A), RHR Stephen Kohlscheen (AAA), 2B Taylor Lindsey (AAA), RHS Elliot Morris (Hi A), SS Jose Rondon (Hi A)
• Export • 1B Kyle Blanks, OF Chris Denorfia, 3B Chase Headley, C Nick Hundley, RHR Huston Street // RHR Trevor Gott (AA)

Diamondbacks (14 GB)
• Import • LHS Vidal Nuno // LHS Anthony Banda (Lo A), OF Zach Borenstein (AA), OF Mitch Haniger (AA), RHR Joe Krehbiel (Hi A), C/1B Pete O’Brien (AA), PTBN
• Export • RHS Brandon McCarthy, OF Gerardo Parra, 3B/OF Martin Prado, LHR Joe Thatcher // OF Tony Campana (AAA)

Rockies (17.5 GB)
• Import • None
• Export • None

Best Haul: Giants

In an NL West division full of sellers, the Giants made the only trade for an established big leaguer, adding Peavy to the rotation to cover for the loss of Matt Cain.

Biggest Seller: Padres

While the Diamondbacks shed roughly $11.2 million in gross salary commitments for 2014 by dealing McCarthy, Parra, Prado and Thatcher, the best prospects they received in exchange are interesting-but-flawed corner bats (Borenstein, Haniger) and another with plus raw power but little feel to hit and no position (O’Brien). The Padres, meanwhile, saved nearly $8.5 million in raw salary commitments, but managed to pick up two interesting infielders (Lindsey, Rondon) and two possible cogs in their future bullpen (Alvarez, De Paula).