MTV Partnership: I Want My MLB?

MTV and Major League Baseball announced Monday that they will work together on a weekly series designed to build baseball's interest among younger fans.

David Ortiz and the Pirates' Andrew McCutchen are described as executive producers of the untitled show, which will likely air on MTV2, according to The Associated Press.

The show will air for 30 weeks and start around the beginning of the 2014 season. It will shoot at the MLB Fan Cave in New York.

The main focus will be to help MLB promote the game to young fans, MLB executive vice president for business Tim Brosnan told the AP.

“Like any other business, cultivating new fans and customers is, was and always will be an imperative for baseball,” he said.

Guests and hosts will take baseball, but touch on pop culture and other subjects.

MLB content will also be shared on other MTV platforms, but the sides have yet to share details on that arrangement.