MLB Starts Putting Highlights On YouTube

For years, MLB highlights have been one of the most noticeable absences from YouTube.

Fans could spend hours watching NHL or NBA highlights on the Internet's biggest video site.  Fan uploads of highlights and full NFL games could often be found as well, but when it came to Major League Baseball clips, either official or unofficial, the site was often a barren desert.

MLB Advanced Media was quick to send takedown notices when fans uploaded MLB content onto YouTube. At the same time, MLB Advanced Media did not upload significant amounts of MLB content to YouTube for U.S. audiences, so the site stayed relatively free of big league baseball.

All of that has just changed. Baseball is teaming up with YouTube.

The updated channel on YouTube now has highlights from every game of the 2013 season as well as clips from the MLB archives. World viewers outside or North America, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea can also watch two live games streamed daily on YouTube. has had a significant YouTube presence previously, but the highlights and other content was limited to YouTube viewers in Australia, Brazil, New Zealand and Russia. Now that content, and more is being released to anyone anywhere.

“Expanding our partnership with YouTube provides another platform for extending the reach of the thousands of hours of archived baseball content in our library and for delivering live baseball games via the Internet to fans in new markets around the world,” said Kenny Gersh, Senior Vice President, Business Development for MLBAM in a press release.

So in the future if you’re searching for video of a Bryce Harper mammoth blast, you’ll be just as likely to find it as you would a search for LeBron James’ latest dunk.