MLB: Banished Podcasts Will Return To iTunes

Rest easy baseball fans. Your favorite podcasts should soon be returning to iTunes.

According to a Major League Baseball Advanced Media spokesperson, several team-related podcasts were removed from iTunes last night by mistake, not from a request by MLB. Instead, the spokesperson said, MLB had asked Apple to remove only trademarked images or titles from certain podcasts—not the podcasts themselves. Below is a copy of the email that MLB sent to Apple requesting that these podcats return to iTunes.

Dear Sir/Madam:

As we have done in the past, yesterday we notified Apple (see
below) about certain podcasts on the iTunes Store whose titles and/or
thumbnails include infringing uses of trademarks of Major League Baseball
and certain Clubs. And, as we have done in the past, we asked Apple to
have these trademarks removed from the podcast titles and thumbnails.

Although we did not ask for or seek to have any podcast
removed from the Store, it has come to our attention that Apple removed
them. Given our many years of experience in notifying Apple about
trademark issues on the Store, we trust that removing the podcasts was an
oversight, and ask that you please look into this matter as soon as

Thank you for your cooperation. owner and author Tim Williams said he received an email last night from Apple saying that the podcast he tried to upload had been rejected. He assumed it was due a technical error until he saw other baseball podcast hosts—such as Aaron Gleeman who hosts the Twins-centric “Gleeman and the Geek”, and Ted Price of “Rangers Podcast in Arlington”—Tweet that they had received the same letter.

“I can see the argument from MLB's perspective,” Williams wrote in a story on today. “They own the rights to the team names, and it's their right to shut anything down that uses those names. But it's not like we're creating unofficial t-shirts and hats with the team name and selling them for a profit outside of the stadium. We're creating a product that is free, and that gives free publicity to the league.”

No timeline has been set for the podcasts to return to iTunes—minus the trademarks.

In the end, the Twitter protest worked.