Median Age For Every Full-Season League

Nate Karns (Photo by Ed Wolfstein)

Nate Karns (Photo by Ed Wolfstein)

A lot of times, you’ll see us write that a player is young or old for the league. To give a better understanding of just what we’re talking about, here’s a look at the median ages for each full-season league based on Opening Day rosters. What’s notable is that several leagues, most notably the International and Pacific Coast League, have gotten older this year. A year ago, the median age of both the Triple-A leagues was 26. This year, the leagues have ticked up a bit, with the International League’s median age now on the other side of 27. The three Double-A leagues are also slightly older in 2013.

But maybe the most notable point is just how rare it is to see a significant prospect who is truly old for the league. In singling out a player to represent an old prospect for each league, we limited it to players who made our 2013 Prospect Handbook. It’s notable how few prospects there are who are significantly older than the median age of the league. It’s another reminder that even in Class A, there are plenty of older organizational players needed to fill out almost every roster.

On the other hand, it’s quite easy to run deep lists of prospects who are significantly younger than the median age of a league. If you want to dig deeper, we have a list of the 10 youngest players in each league at the start of the season. Unlike the top 10 youngest, for this list we included only players who are currently on active rosters.

League MedianAge Youngest Prospect Team Age Old Prospect Team Age
AL 29.0
NL 28.6
PCL 26.8 Jurickson Profar Rangers 20.1 Josh Sullivan Rockies 28.8
IL 27.4 Carlos Sanchez White Sox 20.8 Brian Omogrosso White Sox 29.0
TL 24.5 Hanser Alberto Rangers 20.5 Kent Matthes Rockies 26.2
SL 24.6 Taijuan Walker Mariners 20.7 Curtis Partch Reds 26.1
EL 24.6 Xander Bogaerts Red Sox 20.5 Clint Robinson Blue Jays 28.1
CAL 23.4 Addison Russell Athletics 19.2 Cody Hall Giants 25.3
CAR 23.4 Rougned Odor Rangers 19.2 Kevan Smith White Sox 24.8
FSL 23.5 Miguel Sano Twins 19.9 Jake deGrom Mets 24.8
MWL 22.2 Roberto Osuna Blue Jays 18.2 Lendy Castillo Cubs 24.0
SAL 22.3 Carlos Tocci Phillies 17.6 Brandon Miller Nationals 23.5