For Expanded Replay, MLB Expands Umpire Pool

With expanded replay coming to the majors this season, MLB announced the hiring of a replay chief and seven umpires.

The director of replay is Justin Klemm, who worked as an umpire in the minors for nine seasons, including four at Triple-A. Klemm in 2008 was named executive director of MiLB's Professional Baseball Umpire Corp.

“Major League Baseball is pleased to welcome Justin Klemm as director of replay,” MLB senior VP of baseball operations Peter Woodfork said in a statement. “As we move forward with our new system, Justin’s background and experiences on and off the field will be vital resources to not only our umpires, but many of us as at the commissioner’s office and MLB Advanced Media.”

Klemm will be based in MLBAM’s offices in New York, which serve as baseball’s replay command center.

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With expansion of the replay system comes seven additional full-time umpires. The seven umpires are: Jordan Baker, Lance Barrett, Cory Blaser, Mike Estabrook, Mike Muchlinski, David Rackley and D.J. Reyburn; all seven worked at Triple-A last season. In addition, Bill Miller and Jeff Nelson were named crew chiefs.