Facebook Baseball Map: Yankees Dominate Oahu


With the start of the 2015 season just days away, Facebook on Wednesday unveiled a map of fan support by zip code.

Here are a some of the takeaways:

• The Yankees are the most-liked team by county overall, and have a plurality of fans in at least one county in 24 states.

• The Royals have a plurality of fans in more Kansas and Nebraska counties than in their home state of Missouri.

• No U.S. counties have a plurality of fans who like the New York Mets, Oakland Athletics or Toronto Blue Jays. However, the Blue Jays dominate most of Canada; the Facebook data team included Canadian census divisions this year.

• While the Dodgers dominate Southern California, the Giants have a plurality of fans in counties across Northern California, as you’d expect, and the the middle ground of Central California.

• Despite being sandwiched between the Rockies and Diamondbacks, and being close to teams such as the Dodgers and Angels, the Yankees and Red Sox have a plurality of fans in most counties.

• The Giants have a plurality of fans on all but one Hawaiian Island. The Yankees dominate Oahu, where capital Honolulu is located.