Dream Draft: Round 9

Here’s how Baseball America’s Dream Draft broke down, both pick by pick. Remember that the entire player universe was available, and each staff member’s only charge was to take what he deemed the best 10 players available, regardless of position. As with any BA project, we did it with an eye to the future.

Each participant was also asked to analyze the draft. In the round by round picks, staffers wrote about their thoughts as they made each of their picks. For the team by team, we took a broader look at our own drafts as well as everyone else’s.

Pick Team Player, Position  
81. J.J. Cooper Joel Guzman, of
  OK, so he’s now an outfielder. His power potential is still scary.
82. Aaron Fitt Rafael Furcal, ss  
  A shortstop with speed, defense and ability to get on base. There’s a reason he got that big contract.
83. Alan Schwarz Jon Papelbon, rhp
  He might not be a frontline starter this year, but he has the fastball and makeup to be one soon.
84. Will Kimmey Pedro Martinez, rhp  
  Maybe he’ll dominate for just three more years. We’ll take the present value this late.
85. Matt Meyers Lastings Milledge, of
  Even if he does not become a great hitter he’ll be a strong center fielder.
86. John Manuel Carlos Quentin, of
  A warrior who will at least be a solid-average right fielder for a long time.
87. Chris Kline Huston Street, rhp
  Wasn’t thinking closer going into this draft, but Street available at this point was too much of a bargain.
88. Will Lingo Jorge Cantu, 2b
  If he didn’t play in Tampa Bay, Cantu would have a higher profile and wouldn’t have been available this late.
89. Alan Matthews Nick Markakis, of
  Taking the guy with the highest ceiling was paramount this late, which made Markakis a cinch pick.
90. Jim Callis Brett Meyers, rhp  
  Really came into his own last year and the best is yet to come.