Dream Draft: Round 8

Here’s how Baseball America’s Dream Draft broke down, both
pick by pick. Remember that the entire player universe was available,
and each staff member’s only charge was to take what he deemed the best
10 players available, regardless of position. As with any BA project,
we did it with an eye to the future.

Each participant
was also asked to analyze the draft. In the round by round picks,
staffers wrote about their thoughts as they made each of their picks.
For the team by team, we took a broader look at our own drafts as well
as everyone else’s.

Pick Team Player,
71. Jim Callis Dan Haren, rhp  
  Still haven’t figured out why he lasted until the second round of the real draft in 2001.
72. Alan Matthews Jon Garland, rhp  
  A young, powerful arm with major league experience and he seems to still be improving.
73. Will
Brandon McCarthy, rhp
  I wanted another starter, and while there were proven guys available, again age (22) and upside won out.
74. Chris
Andy Marte, 3b
  I’ve also seen Marte at every level. I’m not sold on him being a star, but he will be a solid player for years.
75. John Manuel C.C. Sabathia, lhp  
  Power-armed, young lefty.
76. Matt
Bobby Crosby, ss
  Shortstops with pop are nice to have, particularly when they are above-average defenders.
77. Will
Carl Crawford,
  He’ll get to 25 homers soon. And 50 steals is simple. The on-base isn’t great, but we’ll take the defense.
78. Alan
Francisco Rodriguez, rhp  
  Closers can be overvalued but this 24-year-old is scary good. Could be a Mariano Rivera with fewer rings.
79. Aaron
Jon Lester, lhp  
  Hard not to love young lefthanders with power repertoires, and I think he will be even better than projected.
80. J.J.
Hank Blalock, 3b
  His production has leveled off, but he’s still only 25. Even if he never improves, he’s quite good.