Dream Draft: Round 7

Here’s how Baseball America’s Dream Draft broke down, both pick by pick. Remember that the entire player universe was available, and each staff member’s only charge was to take what he deemed the best 10 players available, regardless of position. As with any BA project, we did it with an eye to the future.

Each participant was also asked to analyze the draft. In the round by round picks, staffers wrote about their thoughts as they made each of their picks. For the team by team, we took a broader look at our own drafts as well as everyone else’s.

Pick Team Player, Position  
61. J.J. Cooper Chris Young, of
  His five-tool potential and ability to play center field made it worth taking a flier.
62. Aaron Fitt Vernon Wells, of
  Power-hitting, 27-year-old center fielder was good value in the seventh round.
63. Alan Schwarz Travis Hafner, dh  
  At 28 he could decline quickly after 2008-9 but still a worthwhile risk for the seventh round.
64. Will Kimmey Derek Jeter, ss
  Go ahead, hate Jeter and the Yankees. Don’t believe in clutch? I’m fine with that. Look for him in center field.
65. Matt Meyers Aramis Ramirez, 3b  
  Coming off three straight 30-homer seasons, he has blossomed in Chicago.
66. John Manuel Lance Berkman, of  
  Have people forgotten what he did last fall? A switch-hitter with power, another good value pick.
67. Chris Kline Jimmy Rollins, ss  
  He turned me down for an autograph (as a fan) in 1999; I was 28 . . . I would have turned me down too.
68. Will Lingo Chad Cordero, rhp
  In the argument about the best relievers, and among that group his age (24) jumped off my secret charts.
69. Alan Matthews Brad Lidge, rhp  
  Is it a stretch to take a closer in this draft? Lidge is a shut-down arm with plenty of gas in the tank.
70. Jim Callis Ian Stewart, 3b
  A tremendously gifted hitter who will have a blast whether he plays for me or at Coors Field.