Dream Draft: Round 3

Here’s how Baseball America’s Dream Draft broke down, both pick by pick. Remember that the entire player universe was available, and each staff member’s only charge was to take what he deemed the best 10 players available, regardless of position. As with any BA project, we did it with an eye to the future.

Each participant was also asked to analyze the draft. In the round by round picks, staffers wrote about their thoughts as they made each of their picks. For the team by team, we took a broader look at our own drafts as well as everyone else’s.

Pick Team Player, Position  
21. J.J. Cooper Ben Sheets, rhp
  Still a relatively young No. 1 starter.
22. Aaron Fitt Scott Kazmir, lhp  
  About to blossom into a premium lefthanded power pitcher–very hard to come by, especially at age 22.
23. Alan Schwarz Roy Oswalt, rhp  
  Like Zambrano, young but a known commodity: 3.07 career ERA, postseason experience, heart of a lion.
24. Will Kimmey Rich Harden, rhp
  It’s nice that he was still here after I grabbed Willis. He’s not of prototype size, but that stuff is really tall.
25. Matt Meyers Rickie Weeks, 2b
  A 23-year-old second baseman with five tools whose bat speed evokes Gary Sheffield comparisons.
26. John Manuel Jhonny Peralta, ss  
  Best young shortstop in the game not named Upton.
27. Chris Kline Chase Utley, 2b
  Love the way he plays, but perhaps I’m showing partial Philly bias.
28. Will Lingo Derrek Lee, 1b
  Older than my target age, but I don’t think he’ll see a significant decline for at least five years.
29. Alan Matthews Francisco Liriano, lhp
  A 22-year-old lefty with a 98 mph fastball and two plus secondary pitches? It was a no-brainer.
30. Jim Callis Justin Upton, ss/of
  I say he winds up in the outfield and becomes the next Ken Griffey Jr.