Dream Draft: Round 1

Here’s how Baseball America’s Dream Draft broke down, both pick by pick. Remember that the entire player universe was available, and each staff member’s only charge was to take what he deemed the best 10 players available, regardless of position. As with any BA project, we did it with an eye to the future.

Each participant was also asked to analyze the draft. In the round by round picks, staffers wrote about their thoughts as they made each of their picks. For the team by team, we took a broader look at our own drafts as well as everyone else’s.

Pick Team Player, Position  
1. J.J. Cooper Albert Pujols, 1b
  Came down to him or A-Rod, the age factor was the difference.
2. Aaron Fitt Alex Rodriguez, ss/3b
  I would have preferred a younger, more likable franchise player, but he is just too damn good to pass up.
3. Alan Schwarz David Wright, 3b  
  Wright will soon enter his prime as the game’s best third baseman, a position that’s shockingly hard to fill.
4. Will Kimmey Miguel Cabrera, 3b/of
  He’s younger than Wright, is versatile, already produces like a star and has World Series experience.
5. Matt Meyers Johan Santana, lhp
  Best lefthander in the game seemed like the obvious choice based on who was off the board.
6. John Manuel Felix Hernandez, rhp
  Best teenage pitcher since Dwight Gooden, and I hope I can shepherd him past the pitfalls that befell Doc.
7. Chris Kline Mark Teixeira, 1b
  Wanted to take a banger with the first pick, and it doesn’t get much better than him.
8. Will Lingo Joe Mauer, c
  The players ahead of him are a little more proven, but at 22 he’ll be the face of my team for years.
9. Alan Matthews Delmon Young, of
  After early trend toward major leaguers, when Mauer was taken I opted for the best prospect in the game.
10. Jim Callis Mark Prior, rhp  
  I missed out on Joe Mauer and Delmon Young, but I still got a BA darling.