2009 Book List


2009 BASEBALL AMERICA ALMANAC. (Baseball America, $21.95). Yearly guide that includes stats for majors, minors, college and international baseball as well as a review of everything that happened in baseball in 2008.

2009 MINOR LEAGUE ANALYST. By Deric McKamey (Triumph, $19.95). Stat-filled book that also offers scouting reports on minor league prospects.

BASEBALL AMERICA PROSPECT HANDBOOK (Baseball America, $26.95). Scouting reports on the top 30 prospects in each organization.

BASEBALL AMERICA SUPER REGISTER. (Baseball America, $81.95). Year-by-year and career stats for everyone who played in affiliated ball in 2008.

BASEBALL PROSPECTUS 2009. By Christina Kahrl, Steven Goldman and Nate Silver (Plume, $21.95). Annual has essays on the game and teams as well as stat predictions.

THE BILL JAMES GOLD MINE 2009. By Bill James (ACTA Sports, $23.95). Essays and other thoughts on the game.

THE BILL JAMES HANDBOOK. (ACTA Sports, $23.95). Complete up-to-date stats for every major league player.

THE FIELDING BIBLE. By John Dewan (ACTA Sports, $23.95). The second version of Dewan’s attempt to quantify who plays good defense and who should hang up their glove.

GRAPHICAL PLAYER. By John Burnson (ACTA Sports, $21.95). Story of each’s players season told through charts.

THE HARDBALL TIMES BASEBALL ANNUAL. (ACTA Sports, $21.95). Essays and stats on baseball with a look ahead to 2009.

THE HARDBALL TIMES SEASON PREVIEW. By Hardball Times Editors (ACTA Sports, $19.95). Projections, team analysis and features with a focus on predicting the 2009 season.

RON SHANDLER’S 2009 BASEBALL FORECASTER. Edited by Ray Murphy and Rod Truesdell (Triumph, $24.95). Stats and projections designed to give fantasy leaguers an edge.

WHAT IF THE BABE HAD KEPT HIS RED SOX? By Bill Gutman (Skyhorse Publishing, $14.95). Author examines what would have happened if various key sports moments had turned out differently.


ALEXANDER CARTWRIGHT. By Monica Nucciarone (Nebraska Press, $27.95). Story of the man who played a key role in birthing baseball.

BECOMING MANNY. By Jean Rhodes and Shawn Boburg (Scribner, $25). With excellent access to Ramirez, authors try to get in the enigma’s head.

BEYOND BELIEF. By Josh Hamilton (FaithWords, $23.99). Former No. 1 pick explains how he got his life back on track.

BIGGIO, THE FINAL GAME. By Michael Hart (Bright Sky Press, $24.95). Want a plethora of photos from Biggo’s finale? This is the book for you.

BOB FELLER’S LITTLE BLUE BOOK OF WISDOM. By Bob Feller with Burton Rocks ($22.95). A collection of Feller’s thoughts on a variety of subjects.

CECIL TRAVIS OF THE WASHINGTON SENATORS. By Rob Kirkpatrick (Bison Books, $14.95). World War II may have kept shortstop from the Hall of Fame.

THE COMPLETE GAME. By Ron Darling (Knopf, $24.95). Former Mets pitcher shares his insights.

THE CORPORAL WAS A PITCHER. By Ira Berkow (Triumph, $24.95). A pitcher who battled back from a war wound.

GEORGE. By Peter Golenbock (Wiley, $26.95). George Steinbrenner turned the Yankees into an empire.

HEART OF THE GAME. By S.L. Price (Ecco, $24.99). Story of Mike Coolbaugh’s tragic death, and Tino Sanchez’s battle to come to grips with hitting the ball that killed him.

JOHN HENRY MOSS, BASEBALL’S MIRACLE MAN. By Bob Terrell (Ridgetop Books, $16). Biography of the founder and long-time president of the Sally League.

LIVE ALL YOU CAN. By Jay Martin (Columbia, $22.95). Using Cartwright’s own papers, author spells out case for Cartwright as father of baseball.

MUNSON. By Marty Appel (Doubleday, $24.95). Former Yankees PR director tells the story of the Yankees captain.

ODD MAN OUT. By Matt McCarthy (Viking, $25.95). Memoir of a minor league pitcher’s year in Provo.

THE SOUL OF BASEBALL. By Joe Posnanski (Harper, $13.95). Paperback version of columnist’s season with Buck O’Neil.

STRAW, FINDING MY WAY. By Darryl Strawberry (Ecco, $26.99). Star explains how his life went astray and what he’s done to straighten out.

SWEET LOU. By Melissa Isaacson (Triumph, $24.95).Biography of former Yankee turned manager Lou Piniella.

TONY LA RUSSA, MAN ON A MISSION. By Rob Rains (Triumph, $24.95). Author tries to give further insights into the often chronicled manager.


100 THINGS DODGERS FANS SHOULD KNOW & DO BEFORE THEY DIE. By Jon Wiesman (Triumph, $14.95). In this case, the title truly explains it all.

2009 BASEBALL AMERICA DIRECTORY. (Baseball America, $27.95). Schedules, phone numbers and staff listings for every team in baseball.

AFTER MANY A SUMMER. By Robert E. Murphy (Union Square, $24.95). New Yorkers are still trying to explain how the Dodgers and Giants left town.

AS THEY SEE ‘EM. By Bruce Weber (Scribner, $26). Trying to explain the life of the umpire, from little league to the big leagues.

BASEBALL AND THE BABY BOOMER. By Talmadge Boston (Bright Sky Press, $24.95). Essays on baseball players, executives and the game, and what it’s meant to baby boomers.

THE BASEBALL ENTERTAINER. Edited by Robert Kuenster (Ivan R. Dee, $8.95). Trivia and puzzles about baseball.

BEHIND THE GREEN MONSTER. By Bill Ballou (Triumph, $16.95). Debunking famous Red Sox myths.

BOTTOM OF THE NINTH. By Michael Shapiro (Times Books, $25). Chronicle of the game in the late 50s and Branch Rickey and Casey Stengel’s attempts to change it.

CATCHER. By Peter Morris (Ivan R. Dee, $27.50). How the catcher became baseball’s tough guy.

CITI FIELD. By David Hawcock (Universe Publishing, $25). A pop-up book that depicts the new Mets stadium.

CRADLE OF THE GAME. By Mark Cryan (August Publications, $18.95). Travel guide for baseball in North Carolina.

CUBS BY THE NUMBERS. By Al Yellon, Kasey Ignarski and Matthew Silverman (Skyhorse Publishing, $14.95). A look at the history of the Cubs, through the numbers they wore.

THIS DAY IN BASEBALL. By David Nemec and Scott Flatow (Taylor Trade, $15.95). Find out what happened in baseball on every day of the year.

THE DICKSON BASEBALL DICTIONARY. By Paul Dickson (W.W. Norton & Co., $49.95). Massive book that tries to explain the history and background of the language of baseball.

DODGERS PAST AND PRESENT. By Steven Travers (MVP Books, $25). Coffee table book of 125 years of Dodgers history.

DUGOUT WISDOM. By Dan Migala (Can O’ Corn, $17.95). Baseball stars share the lessons they learned from the game.

FEW AND CHOSEN. By Rusty Staub with Phil Pepe (Triumph, $24.95). The greatest players in Mets history.

THE FIFTH SEASON. By Donald Honing (Ivan R. Dee, $26.95). Well known baseball author’s memoir of his memories as a minor leaguer who transitioned to covering the game.

FOR THE LOVE OF THE METS. By Frederick C. Klein (Triumph, $16.95). An illustrated book that spells out the Mets from A to Z.

FOREVER BLUE. By Michael D’Antonio (Riverhead Hardcover, $25.95). Heavily researched study into why the Dodgers left.

FULL COUNT. By Frank Messina (The Lyons Press, $12.95). A full book of poetry about the Mets.

THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE UGLY. By Mark Gonzales (Triumph, $14.95). History of the White Sox.

GROWING UP WITH CLEMENTE. By Richard Peterson (Kent State University Press, $18). Memoir of boy who grew up loving the Pirates in the 1950s and 1960s.

IT TAKES MORE THAN BALLS. By Diedre Silva and Jackie Koney (Skyhorse Publishing, $14.95). Light-hearted history of baseball aimed at helping fans grow their knowledge of the game.

JERRY REMY’S RED SOX HEROES. By Jerry Remy with Corey Sandler (The Lyons Press, $24.95). Red Sox player and commentator writes about his favorite Red Sox.

MILWAUKEE BRAVES, HEROES AND HEARTBREAK. By William Povletich (Wisconsin Historical Society Press, $24.95). Well-illustrated book tells the story of the Braves’ 13 years in Milwaukee.

PLAYING FOR KEEPS. By Warren Goldstein (Cornell Paperbacks, $17.95). Updated history of the early years of baseball.

THE QUALITY OF HOME RUNS. By Thomas Carter (Duke University Press, $22.95). Scholarly look at how baseball resonates throughout the lives of Cubans.

RED SOX NATION GUIDE TO THE PLAYERS. By William F. McNeil (Northeastern University Press, $19.95) Career stats and short synopsis for every Red Sox player from 1901 to 2007.

RED SOX UNIVERSITY. By Andy Wasif (Triumph, $14.95). Humorous education in all things Red Sox.

REMEMBERING YANKEE STADIUM. By Harvey Frommer (Stewart, Tabori & Chang, $45). An oral history of the House That Ruth Built.

ROADSIDE BASEBALL. By Chris Epting (Santa Monica Press, $16.95). Travel guide to baseball’s best landmarks.

SAFE AT HOME. By Alyssa Milano (William Morrow, $22.99). Yes, that Alyssa Milano. The actress shares her love of the game and a fans perspective on the Dodgers.

SIX GOOD INNINGS. By Mark Kreidler (Harper, $24.95). How does Toms River, N.J. consistently dominate at Little League baseball?

TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME. By Amy Whorf McGuiggan (University of Nebraska Press, $24.95). The story of baseball’s most famous song.

THE TRUTH ABOUT RUTH. By Pater Handrinos (Triumph, $16.95). Dissection of many Yankees legends and myths.

UNDER THE MARCH SUN. By Charles Fountain (Oxford University Press, $24.95). The story of how spring training developed and grew to its current state.

WE WOULD HAVE PLAYED FOR NOTHING. By Fay Vincent (Simon and Schuster, $15). Paperback version of the oral history of the game in the 50s and 60s.

WORKING AT THE BALLPARK. By Tom Jones (Skyhorse Publishing, $17.95). The stories of people working thoughout the game, from players to groundskeepers, clubbies and umpires.

YANKEES STADIUM. By Mark Vancil and Alfred Santasiere III (Rare Air Books, $50). Massive coffee table picture book about the legendary stadium.

YOGI WAS UP WITH A GUY ON THIRD . . .  By Maureen Mullen (Triumph, $19.95). Hall of Famers remember their best game ever.


THE MAKING OF A HITTER. By Jack Perconte (IPG, $19.95). Former big leaguer explains how to help children hit, but also how they can enjoy the game more.

TEACH PITCHING SAFELY AND EFFECTIVELY. By Daniel Keller (Lifelectics, $15.95). A step-by-step guide to help teach young pitchers how to throw.


THE 1969 MIRACLE METS. By Steven Travers (The Lyons Press, $24.95). On its 40-year anniversary, the story of the ultimate underdogs.

’78. THE BOSTON RED SOX, A HISTORIC GAME AND A DIVIDED CITY. By Bill Reynolds (New American Library, $24.95). A look back at the Red Sox ’78 season and the Bucky Dent game through the lens of the city.

THE BULLDOG MUTINY. By Dan Taylor (HarperCollins, $25.99). Fresno State went from a struggling team to College World Series champs in the course of one season.

GO-GO TO GLORY: THE 1959 CHICAGO WHITE SOX. Edited by Don Zminda (ACTA Sports, $19.95). Fifty years ago, the White Sox used speed to win the AL pennant.

HIGH-FLYING BIRDS. By Jerome M. Mileur (University of Missouri Press, $34.95). Chronicle of the 1942 Cardinals, arguably St. Louis’ best-ever team.

LIVING THE DREAM. By Jim McArdle (Triumph, $19.95). Story of the Cubs 2008 season.

MIRACLE IN CHAVEZ RAVINE. By William McNeil (McFarland, $29.95). The story of the 1988 Dodgers World Series run.

PHILLIES CONFIDENTIAL. By Gary Matthews with Scott Lauber (Triumph, $19.95) A Phillies broadcaster and beat writer tell the story of the club’s World Series run.

RED SOX RULE. By Michael Holley (Triumph, $15.99). Updated paperback version of book on how Francona led Red Sox to two World Series in three years.

SWEET LOU AND THE CUBS. By George Castle (The Lyons Press, $16.95). Look at the Cubs’ 2008 season from the highs of the regular season run to the lows of the early playoff exit.

THEOLOGY. By John Frascella (Cambridge House Press ,$14.95). Perspective on how Theo Epstein has gone from boy wonder to leader of a dynasty.

UNDERDOGS TO WONDERDOGS. By Paul Loeffler (Craven Street Books, $34.95). Story of the College World Series champion Fresno State as told by the team’s play-by-play voice.

WORTH THE WAIT. By Jayson Stark (Triumph, $19.95). Longtime Philadelphian Stark puts Phillies’ World Series win in perspective.


BASEBALL GREAT. By Tim Green (HarperCollins, $16.99). Teenager uncovers steroid issues that could affect the youth league championship.

FERGIE. By Fergie Jenkins with Lew Freedman (Triumph, $24.95). Autobiography of the Cubs great.

A GLOVE OF THEIR OWN. By Debbie Moldovan, Keri Conkling and Lisa Funariu-Willever (Franklin Mason Press, $15.95). Sandlot team gets a pleasant surprise.

GREATEST STORY NEVER TOLD. By Ray Negron, illustrated by Laura Seeley (HarperCollins, $17.99). Embellished account of when an ailing Babe Ruth snuck out of his hospital room to see Jackie Robinson play.

MUDVILLE. By Kurtis Scaletta (Knopf Delcatrote Dell, $15.99). Rain has kept kids in Moundville from playing baseball for 20 years.

ONE LAST TIME. By Ray Negron, illustrated by Laura Seeley (HarperCollins Childrens, $19.99). Child says farewell to old Yankee Stadium, with help from George Steinbrenner.

THE PRINCE OF FENWAY PARK. (HarperCollins, $16.99). Boy manages to reverse the Fenway curse.

RAY AND ME. By Dan Gutman (HarperTrophy. $15.99). Tween-aimed book has kid going back in time to meet Ray Chapman before he gets beaned.

SATCH AND ME. By Dan Gutman (HarperTrophy. $5.99). Kid goes back in time to meet Satchel Paige.

SUPPER SLUGGERS SLUMPBUSTER. By Kevin Markey (HarperCollins Childrens, $15.99). Middle school oriented book tells the story of a slugger in a deep slump.

YOU NEVER HEARD OF SANDY KOUFAX. By Jonah Winter and Andre Carrilho (Schwartz and Wade Books, $17.99) Very stylish children’s biography of the Dodgers great.