2007 Book List


BASEBALL AMERICA 2007 PROSPECT HANDBOOK. By Baseball America’s editors (Baseball America, $28.95). Scouting reports on 902 prospects with Top 30s for every team.

BASEBALL PROSPECTUS 2007. By Baseball Prospectus’ editors (Plume, $19.95). Annual has team-by-team analysis for 2007 as well as studies on the world of baseball.

THE HARDBALL TIMES 2007. (ACTA Sports, $19.95). Analysis of what happened in 2006 and why, plus studies on a variety of baseball issues.

MINOR LEAGUE BASEBALL ANALYST 2007. By Deric McKamey (Shandler Enterprises, $19.95). McKamey analyzes minor league prospects through stats and scouting.

RON SHANDLER’S 2007 BASEBALL FORECASTER. By Ron Shandler (Shandler Enterprises, $24.95). Stat projections and analysis geared for the fantasy player.


BART GIAMATTI. By Robert Moncreiff (Yale University, $35). Biography of late baseball commissioner’s life told partly though his speeches and writings.

BASEBALL’S IRON MAN. By Jeff Seidel (Sports Publishing LLC, $14.95). More tribute than biography, author looks at Ripken’s legacy in the game.

BIG PAPI. David Ortiz with Tony Massarotti (St. Martin’s Press, $24.95). Red Sox designated hitter explains his life in his own words.

THE CURT FLOOD STORY. By Stuart L. Weiss (University of Missouri, $29.95). Biography tries to explain Curt Flood the man to then explain his role as the martyr for free agency.

DANNY LITWHILER, LIVING THE BASEBALL DREAM. By Danny Litwhiler with Jim Sargent (Temple University Press, $45). Memoir of the former Cardinal outfielder who also later invented the Jugs Gun.

A GREAT TEAMMATE. By Randall Swearingen (Sports Publishing LLC, $16.95). Longtime Mickey Mantle memorabilia collector authors biography of the Yankee great.

HIDEKI MATSUI, SPORTSMANSHIP, MODESTY AND THE ART OF THE HOME RUN. By Shizuka Ijuin (Ballantine Books, $19.95). Acclaimed Japanese author tells story of Matsui’s life while also explaining the Japanese view of the game.

INSIDE POWER. By Gary Sheffield and David Ritz (Crown Publishers, $24.95). Longtime slugger tries to set the record straight on fans’ perception of him.

JACKIE ROBINSON AND THE INTEGRATION OF BASEBALL. By Scott Simon (John Wiley & Sons, $12.95). Look at Jackie Robinson’s impact 60 years after he broke the color line in Major League Baseball.

MICKEY MANTLE’S, BEHIND THE SCENES IN AMERICA’S MOST FAMOUS SPORTS BAR. By William Liederman (The Lyons Press, $19.95). Owner of Mantle’s sports bar offers his memories about the star center fielder.

LOVE ME, HATE ME. By Jeff Perlman (Harper Paperbacks, $14.95). Paperback version of Pearlman’s exhaustive biography that spells out Bonds’ churlishness in extreme detail.

OPENING DAY. By Jonathan Eig (Simon & Schuster, $26). Biography of Jackie Robinson with a focus on his history-making 1947 season.

PLAYING WITH THE ENEMY. By Gary W. Moore (Savas Beatie, $29.95). Dodgers prospect sees his big league dreams crushed during World War II.

PRIDE AND PINSTRIPES. By Mel Stottlemyre and John Harper (HarperEntertainment, $14.95). Former Yankees pitcher and pitching coach shares stories about the Bronx Bombers and his personal battle with cancer.

RULING OVER MONARCHS, GIANTS & STARS. By Bob Motley with Byron Motley (Sports Publishing LLC, $16.95). Former Negro League umpire recalls the Negro League’s top stars and his journey from the Negro Leagues to Triple-A baseball.

TY AND THE BABE. By Tom Stanton (Thomas Dunne, $23.95). Author researched previously undocumented story about Cobb and Ruth’s battle for the 1941 Has-Beens Golf Championship.

THE VOICE. By Curt Smith (Lyons Press, $24.95). Biography tries to get to the bottom of Mel Allen’s bizarre firing by the Yankees in 1964 and chronicles his return to prominence.


BASEBALL Q&A. By Gary Drevitch (HarperCollins Publishers, $16.99). Book answers questions about the game for young fans.

CASEY BACK AT BAT. By Dan Gutman (HarpersCollins Publishers, $16.99). Mighty Casey gets another chance to be the hero.

OUT OF THE BALLPARK. By Alex Rodriguez (HarperCollins Publishers, $16.99). Yankees star tells the story of how he overcame jitters as a young baseball player.

PARENTING YOUNG ATHLETES THE RIPKEN WAY. By Cal Ripken, Jr. (Gotham Books, $14). Orioles great gives his views on how to teach kids sports while not destroying their love of the games.

SATCHEL PAIGE, DON’T LOOK BACK. By David A. Adler (Harcourt, $16). Beautifully illustrated children’s biography of the former Negro League and Indians star.


ANOTHER CHANCE. By Joe Naiman (Over the Rainbow, $29.95). Too bizarre to adequately describe. A home run hits a time hole, thrusting a minor league baseball game back to 34 A.D. where the minor league team signs Barabbas (the man pardoned instead of Jesus) to give him a chance at redemption.

ALL THE STARS COME OUT THAT NIGHT. By Kevin King (Plume, $15). Fictional account of a secret game between the white and Negro League all-stars in 1934.

7: THE MICKEY MANTLE NOVEL. By Peter Golenbock (Regan, $24.95). Call this one unique. Account of Mickey Mantle explaining from heaven about what really happened during his career.

SEVEN DAYS AT THE HOT CORNER. By Terry Trueman (HarperCollins $15.99). High school third baseman has everything under control, until he finds out his best friend is gay.


A’S ESSENTIAL. By Steven Travers (Triumph Books, $19.95). Tidbits, stats and anecdotes on Philadelphia/Kansas City/Oakland team.

THE AMERICAN GAME. By Ira Rosen (Smithsonian, $29.95). Story of baseball as told through vignettes and photos of action at minor league stadiums.

ANGELS ESSENTIAL. By Steven Travers (Triumph Books, $19.95). Tidbits, stats and anecdotes on the Angels rise from expansion team to eventual World Series champions.

BASEBALL AMERICA 2007 DIRECTORY. By Baseball America’s Editors (Baseball America, $25.95). Schedules, contact information and staff information for all of the majors and minors.

BASEBALL AND THE MEDIA. By George Castle (University of Nebraska Press, $24.95). Longtime beat writer takes a look the changes in baseball coverage over the years.

THE BASEBALL ECONOMIST. By J.C. Bradbury (Dutton, $24.95). Economics professor writes about who is overpaid, big market vs. small market discrepancies, and other baseball topics.

BASEBALL IN BLUE AND GRAY. By George Kirsch (Princeton University Press, $14.95). Author exhumes the story of baseball during the Civil War.

BASEBALL IN NASHVILLE. By Skip Nipper (Arcadia, $19.99). Book is part of continuing series portraying baseball throughout the country through photos.

BASEBALL ON THE BRAIN. By Dennis Purdy (Workman Publishing, $14.95). Trivia book with more than 1,000 baseball brain teasers.

BASEBALL YESTERDAY AND TODAY. By Josh Leventhal (Voyageur Press, $24.95). Coffee-table book looks at the game from all angles.

BLUE JAYS 1, EXPOS 0. By David Luchuk (McFarland, $29.95). Author looks at the rivalry between Toronto and Montreal and baseball’s departure from Montreal through the prism of Canadian politics.

BUILT TO WIN. By John Schuerholz with Larry Guest (Warner Books, $14.99). Paperback version of Braves’ general manager’s look at what it takes to win in baseball.

THE CHEATER’S GUIDE TO BASEBALL. By Derek Zumsteg (Houghton Mifflin, $13.95). Exploring the history of cheating in the game and how to do it.

DIAMONDBACKS ESSENTIAL. By Steven Travers (Triumph Books, $19.95). Tidbits, stats and anecdotes on baseball’s expansion team that sped to a World Series title.

DODGERS ESSENTIAL. By Steven Travers (Triumph Books, $19.95). Tidbits, stats and anecdotes from Dem Bums to Gibson’s blast to the current team.

DROPPING THE BALL. By Dave Winfield with Michael Levin ($25, Scribner). Baseball great from the 1970s and 1980s suggests ways to improve and fix the game.

EARLY EXITS. By Brian McKenna (Scarecrow Press, $40). Look at various ways that baseball players have seen their careers end prematurely.

FANTASYLAND. By Sam Walker (Penguin Books, $15). Paperback edition of story of author who decides money is no object in his quest to obtain fantasy league dominance.

GREEN CATHEDRALS. By Philip J. Lowry (Walker Publishing Company, $26.95). Encyclopedia of every ball park that’s hosted a Major League or Negro League team.

HOME RUN. By David Vincent (Potomac Books, $26.95). Statistician looks at the history of the home run.

HOMETOWN HEROS. (Ballantine Books, $29.95). Picture book of the top players for each team as selected by the fans.

IS THIS A GREAT GAME OR WHAT? By Tim Kurkjian (St. Martin’s Press, $24.95). Longtime ESPN baseball reporter shares anecdotes gathered from 25 years around the game.

THE JOY OF KEEPING SCORE. By Paul Dickson (Walker & Company, $14.95). Author’s ode to the scorecard tells the story of how the 6-4-3 came to be.

JUST PLAY BALL. By Joe Garagiola ($21.95, Northland Publishing). Affable former catcher shares stories from his life in and around the game.

THE JUICE. By Will Carroll (Ivan R. Dee, $14.95). Paperback version of Baseball Prospectus’ authors look at steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs.

ONCE UPON A GAME. By Alan Schwarz (Houghton Mifflin, $19.95). Famous players and famous non-players explain their love of baseball in 35 vignettes.

THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN. By Fay Vincent (Simon & Schuster, $14). Paperback version of Vincent’s book of interviews with stars from the 1930s and 1940s.

THE PSYCHOLOGY OF BASEBALL. By Mike Stadler, PhD (Gotham Books, $26). Cognitive psychologist tries to explain what’s going on in the heads of major leaguers.

SCORING FROM SECOND, WRITERS ON BASEBALL. Edited by Philip Deaver (University of Nebraska Press, $21.95). Accomplished writers explain the grip baseball has on them.

SEARCHING FOR REDEMPTION AND THE PERECT LINEUP. By Edwin Amenta (University of Chicago Press, $25). Professor tries to use Sabermetric approach as a rookie rec softball league manager.

SHADES OF GLORY. By Lawrence Hogan (National Geographic, $15.95). Paperback version of the history of the Negro Leagues.

SPORTS CINEMA 100 MOVIES. By Randy Williams (Limelight Editions, $24.95). Author ranks the top 100 sports movies of all time.

THE SOUL OF BASEBALL. By Joe Posnanski (William Morrow, $24.95). One of baseball’s best columnists spends a year with baseball great Buck O’Neil.

TOWN BALL. By Armand Peterson and Tom Tomashek (University of Minnesota Press, $39.95). Look back to the early postwar days when amateur baseball was a big deal in Minnesota.

TWICE AROUND THE BASES. By Kevin Kennedy with Bill Gutman (HarperPaperbacks, $13.95). Former manager explains some of the lesser known aspects of the game.

WISE GUIDE TO WRIGLEY FIELD. By Andy Buchanan and Andra Naylor (Wise Guide, $9.99). Tips on how to enjoy your trip to Wrigley Field.

WHEN TO STOP THE CHEERING. By Brian Carroll (Routledge, $75). Scholarly look at the black press and its role in the integration of baseball


AMBASSADORS IN PINSTRIPES. By Thomas Zeiler (Rowman & Littlefield, $24.95). Story of the Spalding World Baseball Tour around the world in 1888-1889.

CRAZY ’08. By Cait Murphy (Harper Collins, $24.95). In-depth chronicle of the game and the personalities around it the year the Cubs won the World Series.

THE ECHOING GREEN. By Joshua Prager (Pantheon, $26.96). Well-written new look at 1951 season and Bobby Thomson’s shot heard round the world.

THE GASHOUSE GANG. By John Heidenry (Public Affairs, $25). Account of the characters who made up the 1934 Cardinals World Series champs.

THE INDEPENDENT MINOR LEAGUES’"WHERE WINNING MATTERS. By Bob Wirz (Wirz and Associates, $21). Stats and summaries on the 2006 independent league season.

PERFECT, ONCE REMOVED. By Phillip Hoose (Walker, $19.95). Cousin of Don Larsen tells the story of growing up in 1956 with Larsen’s rise and perfect game as the backdrop.

PRIDE AND PRESSURE. By Michael Morrisey (Doubleday, $23.95) Beat writer’s account of the 2006 Yankees season.

SENIOR YEAR. By Dan Schaugnessy (Houghton Mifflin, $24). Boston columnist’s story of his son’s senior year as an aspiring baseball player.

TALES FROM THE DETROIT TIGERS DUGOUT. By Jack Ebling (Sports Publishing LLC, $19.95). Look at the Tigers improbable run to the 2006 World Series, with looks back at Tigers history as well.

TALES FROM THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM RED SOX. By Rico Petrocelli and Chaz Scoggins (Sports Publishing LLC, $19.95). Shortstop from 1967 Sox explains how the club pulled off its improbable run to the pennant.


COACHING YOUTH BASEBALL THE RIPKEN WAY. By Cal Ripken Jr. and Bill Ripken with Scott Lowe (Human Kinetics, $16.95). Detailed book gives drills, instructional tips and advice on dealing with parents to help the youth baseball coach.

DON MATTINGLY’S HITTING IS SIMPLE. By Don Mattingly and Jim Rosenthal (St. Martin’s Griffin, $17.95). Former Yankee great explains his techniques for hitting .300.

FASTBALL FITNESS. By Tom House (Coaches Choice, $19.95). Pitching guru gives a detailed look at how to develop fastball velocity.

MENTAL TOUGHNESS, BASEBALL’S WINNING EDGE. By Karl Kuehl, John Kuehl and Casey Tefertiller (Ivan R. Dee, $14.95). Longtime coach and scout explains techniques to maximize your performance on the field.


BASEBALL AMERICA 2007 ALMANAC. By Baseball America’s editors (Baseball America, $19.95). Statistics and summaries for all 2006 professional leagues, plus coverage of college, high school and international baseball and the draft.

BASEBALL AMERICA 2007 SUPER REGISTER. By Baseball America’s editors (Baseball America, $77.95). Complete career statistics for all 2006 major and affiliated minor leaguers.

BIlL JAMES HANDBOOK 2007. By Bill James (Acta Sports, $21.95). Complete 2006 statistics for major leaguers plus projections for 2007.

A MATHEMATICIAN AT THE BALLPARK. By Ken Ross (Plume, $14). Math professor looks at the math behind baseball.

THE NEW BALLGAME. By Glenn Guzzo (Acta Sports, $14.95). A look at the statistics in baseball for the casual fan.

THE SPORTS ENCYCLOPEDIA OF BASEBALL. Edited by David Neft, Richard Cohen and Michael Neft (St. Martin’s Griffin, $23.95). Reliable annual has team-by-team individual stats for every season back to 1901.

SPORTING NEWS 2007 BASEBALL REGISTER. By Sporting News’ editors (Sporting News, $22.95). Complete career statistics for every 2006 major leaguer.