2005 Trade Central Index

2005 Trade Central

Whenever there’s a trade involving a major leaguer or a Prospect Handbook-caliber minor leaguer, we’ll provide in-depth analysis.

Dec. 27 • Big offseason in Toronto continues with Glaus addition
Blue Jays Diamondbacks
Acquire:3B Troy Glaus, ArizonaSS Sergio Santos, Tucson (AAA) Acquire:2B Orlando Hudson, TorontoRHP Miguel Batista, Toronto
Dec. 21 • Brewers get bullpen help with Demaria deal
Brewers Royals
Acquire:RHP Chris Demaria, Kansas City Acquire:RHP Justin Barnes, West Virginia (Lo A)
Dec. 21 • Angels, Giants swap declining former all-stars
Giants Angels
Acquire:OF Steve Finley, Los Angeles (AL) Acquire:3B Edgardo Alfonzo, San Francisco
Dec. 20 • White Sox don’t sit still, add Vazquez to rotation
White Sox Diamondbacks
Acquire:RHP Javier Vazquez, Arizona Acquire:OF Chris Young, Birmingham (AA)RHP Orlando Hernandez, Chicago (AL)RHP Luis Vizcaino, Chicago (AL)
Dec. 16 • Marlins trade another veteran as Villone goes to Yankees
Yankees Marlins
Acquire:LHP Ron Villone, Marlins Acquire:LHP Ben Julianel , Trenton (AA)
Dec. 13 • Dodgers tire of Bradley, send him to Athletics
Athletics Dodgers
Acquire:OF Milton Bradley, Los Angeles (NL)INF Antonio Perez, Los Angeles (NL) Acquire:OF Andre Ethier, Sacramento (AAA)
Dec. 13 • Rangers finally find right deal for Soriano
Nationals Rangers
Acquire:2B Alfonso Soriano, Texas Acquire:OF Brad Wilkerson, WashingtonRHP Armando Galarraga, rhp, Harrisburg (AA)OF Terrmel Sledge, Washington
Dec. 13 • White Sox bolster bench with Mackowiak
A's Blue Jays
Acquire:OF/INF Rob Mackowiak, Pittsburgh Acquire:LHP Damaso Marte, Chicago (AL)
Dec. 12 • Padres deal for former first-rounder Baugh
Padres Tigers
Acquire:RHP Kenny Baugh, Toledo (AAA) Acquire:RHP Ricky Steik, Fort Wayne (Lo A)
Dec. 12 • After failing in free-agent market, Rangers settle for Padilla
Rangers Phillies
Acquire:RHP Vincente Padilla, Philadelphia Acquire:RHP Ricardo Rodriguez, Texas
Dec. 9 • Angels add lefty Romero to bullpen
Angels Twins
Acquire:LHP J.C. Romero, Minnesota Acquire:2B/SS Alexi Casilla, Cedar Rapids (Low A)
Dec. 8 • Yankees jettison Womack to Reds
Reds Yankees
Acquire:2B/OF Tony Womack, New York (AL) Acquire:2B Kevin Howard, Chattanooga (AA)OF Ben Himes, Sarasota (Hi A)
Dec. 8 • Blue Jays boost offense with Overbay
Blue Jays Brewers
Acquire:1B Lyle Overbay, MilwaukeeRHP Ty Taubenheim, Huntsville (AA) Acquire:RHP David Bush, TorontoOF Gabe Gross, TorontoRHP Zach Jackson, Syracuse (AAA)
Dec. 7 • Braves replace Furcal with Renteria at high cost of Marte
Braves Red Sox
Acquire:SS Edgar Renteria, Boston Acquire:3B Andy Marte, Atlanta
Dec. 7 • Rockies get catching help in Torrealba
Rockies Mariners
Acquire:C Yorvit Torrealba, Seattle Acquire:RHP Marcos Carvajal, Colorado
Dec. 7 • Cardinals, Rockies give three players fresh starts
Cardinals Rockies
Acquire:OF Larry Bigbie, Colorado2B Aaron Miles, Colorado Acquire:LHP Ray King, St. Louis
Dec. 7 • Braves send disappointing Kolb back to Brewers
Brewers Braves
Acquire:RHP Dan Kolb, Atlanta Acquire:RHP Wes Obermueller, Milwaukee
Dec. 7 • Pirates deal another lefty as Redman goes to Royals
Royals Pirates
Acquire:LHP Mark Redman, Pittsburgh Acquire:RHP Jonah Bayliss, Wichita (AA)RHP Chad Blackwell, High Desert (Hi A)
Dec. 7 • Braves shore up bullpen by dealing Estrada
Diamondbacks Braves
Acquire:C Johnny Estrada, Atlanta Acquire:RHP Oscar Villareal, ArizonaRHP Lance Cormier, Arizona
Dec. 7 • Red Sox find second-base answer in Loretta
Red Sox Padres
Acquire:2B Mark Loretta, San Diego Acquire:C Doug Mirabelli, Boston
Dec. 7 • Devil Rays, Padres exchange first-round busts
Cubs Marlins
Acquire:3B Sean Burroughs, San Diego Acquire:RHP Dewon Brazelton, Tampa Bay
Dec. 7 • Another day, another departed Marlin
Cubs Marlins
Acquire:OF Juan Pierre, Florida Acquire:RHP Ricky Nolasco, West Tenn (AA)RHP Sergio Mitre, Chicago (NL)LHP Renyel Pinto, Iowa (AAA)
Dec. 7 • Pirates find hometown solution for first base
Pirates Reds
Acquire:1B Sean Casey, Cincinnati Acquire:LHP Dave Williams, Pittsburgh
Dec. 6 • Giants, Orioles swap relievers
Orioles Giants
Acquire:RHP LaTroy Hawkins, San Francisco Acquire:LHP Steve Kline, Baltimore
Dec. 5 • Mets find their catcher in Lo Duca
Mets Marlins
Acquire:C Paul Lo Duca, Florida Acquire:RHP Gaby Hernandez, St. Lucie (Hi A)OF Dante Brinkley, St. Lucie (Hi A)
Dec. 5 • Athletics pick up versatile Gaudin
A's Blue Jays
Acquire:RHP Chad Gaudin, Syracuse (AAA) Acquire:OF Dustin Majewski, Stockton (Hi A)
Dec. 2 • Marlins purge continues with Castillo deal
Twins Marlins
Acquire:2B Luis Castillo, Florida Acquire:RHP Travis Bowyer, MinnesotaRHP Scott Tyler, Fort Myers (Hi A)
Dec. 1 • Red Sox continue to seek bullpen help, add Van Buren
Red Sox Cubs
Acquire:RHP Jermaine Van Buren, Chicago (NL) Acquire:OF Matt Ciaramella, GCL Red Sox (R)
Nov. 25 • White Sox don’t stand pat, deal for Thome
White Sox Phillies
Acquire:1B Jim Thome, Philadelphia Acquire:OF Aaron Rowand, Chicago (AL)LHP Gio Gonzalez, Winston-Salem (Hi A)LHP Daniel Haigwood, Birmingham (AA)
Nov. 24 • Beckett blockbuster nets Marlins four prospects
Red Sox Marlins
Acquire:RHP Josh Beckett, Florida3B Mike Lowell, FloridaRHP Guillermo Mota, Florida Acquire:SS Hanley Ramirez, BostonRHP Anibal Sanchez, Portland (AA)RHP Jesus Delgado, Greenville (Lo A)

RHP Harvey Garcia, Greenville (Lo A)

Nov. 24 • Mets get Delgado a year after losing free-agent chase
Mets Marlins
Acquire:1B Carlos Delgado, Florida Acquire:RHP Yusmeiro Petit, Norfolk (AAA)1B/C Mike Jacobs, New York (NL)3B Grant Psomas, St. Lucie (Hi A)
Nov. 21 • Padres get Hill as third-base insurance
Padres Pirates
Acquire:3B Bobby Hill, Pittsburgh Acquire:RHP Clayton Hamilton, Lake Elsinore (Hi A)
Nov. 18 • Padres end center-fielder search with Cameron
Padres Mets
Acquire:OF Mike Cameron, New York (NL) Acquire:OF/1B Xavier Nady, San Diego
Nov. 16 • Rangers pick up Leicester from Cubs
Rangers Cubs
Acquire:RHP Jon Leicester, Chicago (NL) Acquire:RHP Clint Brannon, Bakersfield (Hi A)
Nov. 3 • Nationals find taker for Castilla
Nationals Padres
Acquire:RHP Brian Lawrence, San Diego Acquire:3B Vinny Castilla, Washington
Sept. 29 • Red Sox make last-minute deal for Stanton
Red Sox Nationals
Acquire:LHP Mike Stanton, Washington Acquire:RHP Rhys Taylor, GCL Red Sox (R)RHP Yader Peralta, Lowell (SS)
Aug. 30 • Nationals pull plug on Guzman, acquire Cruz
Nationals Giants
Acquire:2B/SS Deivi Cruz, San Francisco Acquire:RHP Ben Cox, Savannah (Lo A)
Aug. 29 • Cubs trade another outfielder: Hollandsworth to Braves
Braves Cubs
Acquire:OF Todd Hollandsworth, Chicago (NL) Acquire:RHP Angelo Burrows, Myrtle Beach (Hi A)RHP Todd Blackford, Danville (R)
Aug. 27 • Phillies add Tucker to bench for stretch drive
Phillies Giants
Acquire:OF Michael Tucker, San Francisco Acquire:RHP Kelvin Pichardo, GCL Phillies (R)
Aug. 26 • Lawton on move again, this time to Yankees
Yankees Cubs
Acquire:OF Matt Lawton, Chicago (NL) Acquire:RHP Justin Berg, Staten Island (SS)
July 31 • Cubs land Deadline Day’s biggest catch in Lawton
Cubs Pirates
Acquire:OF Matt Lawton, Pittsburgh Acquire:OF Jody Gerut, Chicago (NL)
July 31 • Braves reinforce bullpen with Farnsworth
Braves Tigers
Acquire:RHP Kyle Farnsworth, Detroit Acquire:RHP Roman Colon, AtlantaRHP Zach Miner, Richmond (AAA)
July 31 • Marlins grab Villone for bullpen
Marlins Mariners
Acquire:LHP Ron Villone, Seattle Acquire:RHP Yorman Bazardo, Carolina (AA)RHP Mike Flannery, Carolina (AA)
July 31 • White Sox make small move for Blum
White Sox Padres
Acquire:INF Geoff Blum, San Diego Acquire:LHP Ryan Meaux, Birmingham (AA)
July 30 • Red Sox get Cruz to make up for loss of Nixon
Red Sox Diamondbacks
Acquire:OF Jose Cruz Jr., Arizona Acquire:RHP Kyle Bono, Wilmington (Hi A)INF Kenny Perez, Portland (AA)
July 30 • Giants decide to add Winn despite their struggles
Giants Mariners
Acquire:OF Randy Winn, Seattle Acquire:RHP Jesse Foppert, Fresno (AAA)C Yorvit Torrealba, San Francisco
July 30 • Padres stay active, land another catcher
Padres Mariners
Acquire:C Miguel Olivo, Seattle Acquire:C Miguel Ojeda, Portland (AAA)RHP Nathanel Mateo, Mobile (AA)
July 30 • Padres, Rangers dump Nevin, Park on each other
Rangers Padres
Acquire:1B Phil Nevin, San Diego Acquire:RHP Chan Ho Park, Texas
July 29 • Rockies get Bigbie, may deal him again
Rockies Orioles
Acquire:OF Larry Bigbie, Baltimore Acquire:OF Eric Byrnes, Colorado
July 28 • Yankees add Chacon to rotation
Yankees Rockies
Acquire:RHP Shawn Chacon, Colorado Acquire:RHP Eduardo Sierra, Trenton (AA)RHP Ramon Ramirez, Trenton (AA)
July 28 • Padres address catching need with Ross
Padres Pirates
Acquire:C David Ross, Pittsburgh Acquire:3B/SS J.J. Furmaniak, Portland (AAA)
July 23 • Padres can’t wait on Burroughs, turn to Randa
Padres Reds
Acquire:3B Joe Randa, Cincinnati Acquire:RHP Travis Chick, Mobile (AA)RHP Justin Germano, Portland (AAA)
July 22 • Polanco injury leads Tigers to pick up McDonald
Tigers Blue Jays
Acquire:INF John McDonald, Toronto Acquire:cash considerations
July 21 • Phillies deal reliever . . . but not Wagner
Diamondbacks Phillies
Acquire:RHP Tim Worrell, Philadelphia Acquire:INF/OF Matt Kata, Tucson (AAA)
July 21 • Rangers make minor pitching move
Rangers Braves
Acquire:RHP Kevin Gryboski, Atlanta Acquire:RHP Matt Lorenzo, Bakersfield (AA)
July 19 • Red Sox continue to tinker with bench
Red Sox Royals
Acquire:INF Tony Graffanino, Kansas City Acquire:OF Chip Ambres, Pawtucket (AAA)LHP Juan Cedeno, Wilmington (Hi A)
July 18 • Cubs, Indians swap outfielders
Indians Cubs
Acquire:OF Jason Dubois, Iowa (AAA) Acquire:OF Jody Gerut, Cleveland
July 13 • A’s, Rockies make further adjustments
Rockies Athletics
Acquire:OF Eric Byrnes, OaklandSS Omar Quintanilla, Midland (AA) Acquire:LHP Joe Kennedy, ColoradoRHP Jay Witasick, Colorado
July 13 • Nationals make biggest in-season addition yet with Wilson
Nationals Rockies
Acquire:OF Preston Wilson, Colorado Acquire:RHP Zach Day, WashingtonOF J.J. Davis, New Orleans (AAA)OF Doc Brooks, Potomac (Hi A)
July 13 • Red Sox dump unhappy Payton, bolster bullpen
Athletics Red Sox
Acquire:OF Jay Payton, Boston Acquire:RHP Chad Bradford, Oakland
July 7 • Red Sox shuffle bench, add Cora
Red Sox Indians
Acquire:SS/2B Alex Cora, Cleveland Acquire:INF Ramon Vazquez, Pawtucket (AAA)
July 2 • Disappointing pitchers change hands
Padres Yankees
Acquire:RHP Paul Quantrill, New York (AL) Acquire:RHP Tim Redding, San DiegoLHP Darrell May, San Diego
June 10 • With Spivey dealt, Brewers have opening for Weeks
Brewers Nationals
Acquire:RHP Tomo Ohka, Washington Acquire:2B Junior Spivey, Milwaukee
June 8 • Tigers solve second-base dilemma with Polanco
Tigers Phillies
Acquire:2B Placido Polanco, Philadelphia Acquire:RHP Ugueth Urbina, DetroitSS Ramon Martinez, Detroit
May 28 • Cubs fans get their wish as Hawkins leaves town
Giants Cubs
Acquire:RHP LaTroy Hawkins, Chicago (NL) Acquire:RHP Jerome Williams, Fresno (AAA)RHP David Aardsma, Norwich (AA)
May 14 • Nats, Phils give center fielders new homes
Nationals Phillies
Acquire:OF Marlon Byrd, Philadelphia Acquire:OF Endy Chavez, New Orleans (AAA)
May 11 • Restovich moves again, this time to Pirates
Pirates Rockies
Acquire:OF Michael Restovich, Colorado Acquire:cash considerations
April 9 • Rockies make second pitching move in two days
Rockies Reds
Acquire:RHP Jose Acevedo, Louisville (AAA) Acquire:RHP Allan Simpson, Colorado
April 8 • Teams swap first-round disappointments
Mets Tigers
Acquire:LHP Bobby Seay, Tampa Bay Acquire:OF Reggie Taylor, Colo. Springs (AAA)
April 2 • Colyer, Ginter change addresses again
Mets Tigers
Acquire:LHP Steve Colyer, Detroit Acquire:RHP Matt Ginter, New York (NL)
Mar. 31 • Braves, Rays add depth with deal
Devil Rays Braves
Acquire:2B Nick Green, Atlanta Acquire:RHP Jorge Sosa, Tampa Bay
Mar. 30 • Rockies hope Kim just needs change of scenery
Rockies Red Sox
Acquire:RHP Byung-Hyun Kim, Boston Acquire:LHP Chris Narveson, Tulsa (AA)C Charles Johnson, Colorado
Mar. 30 • Orioles finally give up on Riley
Rangers Orioles
Acquire:LHP Matt Riley, BaltimoreC Keith McDonald, Nashville (AAA) Acquire:OF/2B Ramon Nivar, Oklahoma (AAA)
Mar. 29 • Cubs hope Bartosh will fill lefty void
Cubs Indians
Acquire:LHP Cliff Bartosh, Cleveland Acquire:RHP Bear Bay, Lansing (Lo A)
Mar. 29 • Angels add Prinz to bullpen
Angels Yankees
Acquire:RHP Bret Prinz, New York (AL) Acquire:C Wil Nieves, Salt Lake (AAA)
Mar. 29 • Red Sox trade for Myers for second time in seven months
Red Sox Cardinals
Acquire:LHP Mike Myers, St. Louis Acquire:LHP Kevin Ool, Sarasota (Hi A)OF Carlos de la Cruz, Lowell (SS)
Mar. 28 • Redding gets his wish
Padres Astros
Acquire:RHP Tim Redding, Houston Acquire:C Humberto Quintero, San Diego
Mar. 22 • Red Sox, Padres exchange role players
Red Sox Padres
Acquire:RHP Blaine Neal, San Diego Acquire:OF Adam Hyzdu, Boston
Mar. 22 • Nationals secure rights to Godwin
Nationals Blue Jays
Acquire:OF Tyrell Godwin, New Hampshire (AA) Acquire:LHP Aaron Wideman, Vermont (SS)
Mar. 22 • Mets quickly tab Ishii as replacement for Trachsel
Mets Dodgers
Acquire:LHP Kaz Ishii, Los Angeles Acquire:C Jason Phillips, New York (NL)
Feb. 15 • Red Sox add minor league infield insurance with Machado
Red Sox Nationals
Acquire:2B/SS Alejandro Machado, H’burg (AA) Acquire:1B Carlos Torres, GCL Red Sox (R)
Feb. 13 • Escobar moves on again, this time to Nationals
Nationals White Sox
Acquire:OF Alex Escobar, Buffalo (AAA) Acquire:OF Jerry Owens, Savannah (Lo A)
Feb. 9 • Cubs’ housecleaning continues with Farnsworth deal
Tigers Cubs
Acquire:RHP Kyle Farnsworth, Chicago (NL) Acquire:RHP Roberto Novoa, DetroitOF Bo Flowers, West Michigan (Lo A)3B Scott Moore, Lakeland (Hi A)
Feb. 6 • D’backs make room for youth with Cruz trade
Devil Rays Diamondbacks
Acquire:OF Jose Cruz Jr., Tampa Bay Acquire:LHP Casey Fossum, Arizona
Feb. 2 • Cubs say so long to Sosa
Orioles Cubs
Acquire:OF Sammy Sosa, Chicago (NL) Acquire:OF/2B Jerry Hairston, Baltimore2B Mike Fontenot, Ottawa (AAA)RHP Dave Crouthers, Bowie (AA)
Jan. 26 • Mets lose on Delgado, settle for Mientkiewicz
Mets Red Sox
Acquire:1B Doug Mientkiewicz, Boston Acquire:1B Ian Bladergroen, Capital City (Lo A)
Jan. 12 • Diamondbacks keep dealing, send Hillenbrand to Jays
Blue Jays Diamondbacks
Acquire:1B/3B Shea Hillenbrand, Arizona Acquire:RHP Adam Peterson, Syracuse (AAA)
Jan. 11 • Yankees, Diamondbacks finally close Johnson, Green deals
Yankees Diamondbacks Dodgers
Acquire:LHP Randy Johnson,
Acquire:RHP Javier Vazquez,
New York (AL)1B/OF Shawn Green,
Los AngelesLHP Brad Halsey,
New York (AL)
Acquire:C Dioner Navarro,
New York (AL)RHP William Juarez,
El Paso (AA)RHP Beltran Perez,
El Paso (AA)

RHP Danny Muegge,
South Bend (Lo A)

Jan. 10 • Cubs gain bullpen lefty in Randolph
Cubs Diamondbacks
Acquire:LHP Stephen Randolph, Arizona Acquire:cash considerations
Jan. 6 • Tigers acquire Wilson, free up Inge for hot corner
Tigers Mets
Acquire:C Vance Wilson, New York (NL) Acquire:SS Anderson Hernandez, Erie (AA)