World Baseball Classic Notebook

SAN JUAN, P.R.–Albert Pujols plays for one of the best teams in the
major leagues, but didn’t mince words when asked to assess this
Dominican team at the World Baseball Classic.

“This is the
best team I’ve been a part of and I’ve been on a number of very good
clubs,” said Pujols before the D.R. qualified for the semifinals with a
2-1 victory against Venezuela. “It’s truly an honor to be playing
alongside guys like David Ortiz, Miguel Tejada and Alfonso Soriano.”

The Cardinals star said he is already looking forward to representing the Dominican Republic at the next tournament in 2009.

can write my name down. This has been a phenomenal experience. As long
as I’m healthy I’ll be ready to represent the Dominican Republic,” said

Acta’s Suggestion

manager Manny Acta has also enjoyed the experience, but would like to
see the spring exhibition season moved up so the players would have a
more game experience before the tournament begins.

would have been better if we had started playing spring exhibition
games about a week earlier. It’s a better competition if these guys
have five games under their belt,” said the Mets third-base coach, who
served in the same capacity for the Expos when they played here in 2003
and 2004. “Guys are getting into shape now, but it would be good to
start the tournament at the point we’re at now. Pitchers could pitch a
little deeper into games, hitters would sharper, everyone would be
closer to their best.”

Gourriel A Go

Yuliesky Gourriel, the team’s number-three hitter and the best young
prospect at this tournament, practiced with the team on Tuesday and
will be in the Cuban lineup against Puerto Rico.

was hit in his right index finger by a pitch from Dominican reliever
Duaner Sanchez in the eighth inning of his team’s 7-3 loss on Monday
and removed from the game. X-rays taken back at the tam’s hotel came
back negative.

MLB Plotting Return to San Juan?

DuPuy, President and Chief Operating Officer of Major League Baseball,
attending Tuesday’s game between Venezuela and the Dominican Republic
at Hiram Bithorn Stadium, said that he discussed with officials from MB
Sports the prospect of bringing more games to San Juan, either this
season, or beyond.

“It’s a possibility. We talked with (MB
Sports president) Enrique (Cruz) and (MB Sports CEO) Antonio Munoz.
We’ll be back to talk in our office and then talk about a possible
series. If we can’t get it done for 2006, we will look at it for 2007,
2008, 2009,” said DuPuy.

Munoz brought the Montreal Expos
here for 22 games in 2003 and 2004 and also staged the 2001 opening
season game between Texas and Toronto at Bithorn Stadium. He is
promoting the first two stages of the World Baseball Classic at Hiram
Bithorn Stadium.

Munoz had tried to bring more games to San
Juan last season, but a number of teams, including the Marlins and
Devil Rays, balked at the idea after Expos attendance had fallen off so
dramatically in their second season here.

DuPuy said he
doesn’t have any particular regarded which teams could be involved, and
baseball officials were hesitant to return to the San Juan market,
preferring to give it another test run with the World Baseball Classic.

between three and 10 games total in San Juan, assuming other clubs are
interested in doing what we had with the Expos in 2003 and 2004,” said
DuPuy. “We have not talked to clubs about doing that. We have to talk
to clubs first. It’s their call, not ours. They are the ones giving up
home games.”

Average attendance for the 12 games here has
helped revitalize interest in the market. The final average figures to
settle at 15,000, Munoz’s target coming into the competition.


• Four Japanese players have now hit safely in all five WBC games: Akinori Iwamura, Muneori Kawasaki, Ichiro Suzuki and Hitoshi Tamura.

Japan’s starting pitching has been dominant in the WBC. Japanese
starters entered the game with a 1.53 ERA through four contests, and
after Matsuzaka’s command performance, Japanese starters now sport a
nifty 1.19 ERA.

• Having faced both teams, Mexican manager Paquin Estrada
was asked to pick a winner in Wednesday’s Japan vs. Korea game. “Japan
is superior . . . in my opinion,” Estrada said. Korea won the first
matchup 3-2 in the Tokyo Dome on March 5.

• Japan can help oust the U.S. from the WBC with a victory over Korea, but manager Sadaharu Oh
refused to take the bait after the game when asked about sweet revenge
against the U.S., given Japan’s controversial loss to the team.
“Tomorrow if we can win, we’ll be happy with that,” Oh said. “What
happened, happened already. It’s done, it’s over. It’s in the past.”