Rosters For The Jupiter World Baseball Classic Qualifier

Rosters for the four teams participating in September’s World Baseball Classic Qualifier in Jupiter, Fla.

Manager: James Stoeckel; Coaches: Pitching Coach ‘ Eric Gagne; 1B Coach ‘ Jamel Boutagra; 3B Coach Jeff Stoeckel; Bench Coach ‘ Arnaud Fau; Bullpen Coach ‘ Sammy Serrano.
Athletic Trainer: Ben Cates; Equipment: Stephen Lesfargues; Media: Franí§ois Collet; Federation VIP: Didier Seminet (President), Jean’Christophe Tiné (Secretary General & General Manager)
Pitchers (15) Pos B T HT WT DOB Hometown 2012 Club
BERT, Joris LHP L L 6-0″ 155 16’May’87 Rouen FFBS’Rouen
BRELLE, Matthieu RHP R R 6-1 172 8’Dec’84 Sénart FFBS’Senart
BRIONES, Patrice LHP L L 6-0 182 5’Jan’73 Bordeaux FFBS’Pessac
CAMOU, Daniel RHP R R 6-0 185 21’Sep’87 San Francisco Free Agent
CESPEDES, Leonel RHP R R 6-0 170 14’Jan’94 Toulouse FFBS’Senart
COOPMAN, Warren RHP R R 6-0 172 30’Nov’92 Quebec Capitales U22
HANSON, Miguel RHP R R 6-2 220 6’Jul’89 Saint’Martin St. Martin
LANGLOYS, Thomas LHP L L 6-0 168 11’Sep’84 Montpellier FFBS’Montpellier
LEMESTRE, Pierrick RHP R R 6-0 172 6’Sep’82 Thiais FFBS’Savigny
MELEY, Thomas LHP L L 6-0 172 5’May’81 Montpellier FFBS’Montpellier
OZANICH, Owen RHP R R 6-0 170 23’Jun’89 Rouen FFBS’Rouen
PEREZ, Keino RHP R R 6-1 205 7’Oct’79 Rouen FFBS’Rouen
PIQUET, Anthony RHP R R 6-2 183 3’Aug’80 Rouen FFBS’Rouen
POURCEL, Quentin RHP R R 6-0 158 15’Jan’89 Agen FFBS’Toulouse
SECLEPPE, Eloi RHP R R 6-0 165 9’Apr’91 Arras FFBS’Savigny
Catchers (3) Pos B T HT WT DOB Hometown 2012 Club
MARCHE, Boris C R R 6-0 189 22’May’81 Rouen FFBS’Rouen
MARTINEZ, Ernesto C R R 6-3 230 13’Oct’73 Sénart FFBS’Senart
PAZ, Andy C R R 6-0 170 01’May’93 Toulouse OSK’DSL/Toulouse
Infielders (6) Pos B T HT WT DOB Hometown 2012 Club
GARCIA, Emmanuel SS L R 6-2 185 4’Mar’86 Free Agent
HEREAUD, Carlos 3B R R 6-0 210 20’Feb’86 NABL Edinburgh Roadrunners
LEFEVRE, Maxime SS S R 6-0 152 17’Feb’91 Rouen FFBS’Rouen
LEVERET, Rene 1B R R 6-2 270 19’Nov’85 Quebec Can’Am Quebec Capitales
PEYRICHOU, Florian 2B R R 6-0 188 6’Nov’85 Vincennes FFBS’Savigny
PIQUET, Luc 2B R R 6-0 163 5’Sep’81 Rouen FFBS’Rouen
Outfielders (4) Pos B T HT WT DOB Hometown 2012 Club
HANVI, Frederic LF R R 6-2 180 2’May’89 Sénart FFBS’Senart
PITCHER, Andy CF R R 6-0 170 3’Apr’92 Montpellier FFBS’Montpellier
RAMIREZ, Marc CF R R 6-2 185 17’Jul’91 Free Agent
SANTOS, Sneideer RF L R 6-2 220 29’Sep’79 Free Agent
Manager: Brad Ausmus (11): Coaches: Hitting Coach ‘ Mark Loretta (5); Pitching Coach ‘ Andrew Lorraine (30); Base Coach ‘ Matt Martin (8)
Athletic Trainer: Barry Weinstein Equipment Manager: Adam Gladstone Press Liaison: Marty Appel Team Israel General Manager: Peter Kurz
Pitchers (14) Pos B T HT WT DOB Hometown 2012 Club
BERGER, Eric LHP L L 6-2 205 22’Apr’86 Goldsboro, NC Columbus (CLE ‘ AAA)
BLEIER, Richard LHP L L 6-3 195 16’Apr’87 Davie, FL Frisco (TEX ‘ AA)
COLVIN, David RHP R R 6-3 215 7’Jan’89 Mill Valley, CA Everettt (SEA ‘ A)
KAPLAN, Jeff RHP R R 6-0 190 9’Jul’85 Dana Point, CA Binghamton (NYM ‘ AA)
KOPP, David RHP R R 6-3 205 22’Oct’85 Coral Springs, FL Erie (DET ‘ AA)
LEICHMAN, Alon RHP R R 5-8 165 29’May’12 Kibbutz Gezer, Israel Cypress College
LIPETZ, Shlomo RHP R R 6-4 210 11’Feb’79 Tel Aviv, Israel
LORIN, Brett RHP L R 6-7 245 31’Mar’87 Laguna Niguel, CA Mobile (ARI ‘ AA)
PERLMAN, Max RHP R R 6-7 235 2’Feb’88 Jupiter, FL Stockton (OAK ‘ A)
ROTHEM, Dan RHP R R Tel Aviv, Israel Tel Aviv
SCHUMER, Justin RHP R R 6-0 180 2’Aug’88 Houston, TX San Jose (SF ‘ A)
URLAUB, Jeff LHP L L 6-2 160 24’Apr’87 Scottsdale, AZ Stockton (OAK ‘ A)
ZEID, Josh RHP R R 6-5 210 24’Mar’87 New Haven, CT Corpus Christi (HOU ‘ AA)
Catchers (3) Pos B T HT WT DOB Hometown 2012 Club
CUTLER, Charlie C L R 6-0 200 29’Jul’86 San Fransico, CA Altoona (PIT ‘ AA)
MARDER, Jack C/IF R R 5-11 185 21’Feb’90 Calabasas, CA High Desert (SEA ‘ A)
RICKLES, Nick C R R 6-3 220 2’Feb’90 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Burlington (OAK ‘ A)
Infielders (6) Pos B T HT WT DOB Hometown 2012 Club
DECKER, Cody 1B R R 5-11 220 17’Jan’87 Santa Monica, CA San Antonio (SD ‘ AA)
FREIMAN Nate 1B R R 6-7 225 31’Dec’86 Wellesley, MA San Antonio (SD ‘ AA)
HAERTHER, Casey 3B R R 6-2 210 5’Oct’87 West Hills, CA Arkansas (LAA ‘ AA)
LEMMERMAN, Jake SS R R 6-1 192 4’May’89 Coronoa del Mar, CA Chattanooga (LAD ‘ AA)
ORLOFF, Ben 2B R R 5-11 174 26’Apr’87 Simi Valley, CA Lancaster (HOU ‘ A)
SATIN, Josh 2B R R 6-2 200 23’Dec’84 Hidden Hills, CA Buffalo (NYM ‘ AAA)
Outfielders (5) Pos. B T HT WT DOB Hometown 2012 Club
GREEN, Shawn OF L L 6-4 190 10’Nov’72 Des Plaines, IL
GUEZ, Ben OF R R 5-11 180 24’Jan’87 Houston, TX Toledo (DET ‘ AAA)
KAPLER, Gabe OF R R 6-2 190 31’Jul’75 Hollywood, CA
PEDERSON, Joc OF L L 6-1 185 21’Apr’92 Palo Ato, CA Rancho Cucamonga (LAD ‘ A)
WIDLANSKY, Robbie OF/3B L R 6-2 210 6’Nov’84 Plantation, FL Bowie (BAL ‘ AA)
Spain 28’Man Roster
Manager: Mauro Mazzotti (2): Coaches: Bench Coach ‘ Manny Crespo; Pitching Coach ‘ Renny Duarte; Infield Coach ‘ Miguel Erroz; 1B Coach ‘ Felix Cano; 3B Coach ‘ Candelario Diaz
Athletic Trainers: Omar Uribe (MLB); Antonio de Paz Equipment: Angel Piva Media: Joan Garcia Federation VIP: Luis Melero (President), Juan Carlos Cerda (Roster Manager)
Pitchers (13) Pos B T HT WT DOB Hometown 2012 Club
CASTILLO, Richard RHP R R 5’11 165 11’Oct’89 Barquisimeto, VZ Springfield (STL ‘ AA)
CRUZ, Jose RHP R R 6’0 200 9’Apr’84 Santo Domingo, D.R. Lodi (Italy)
DE LOS SANTOS, Sammy RHP R R 6’1 198 9’Dec’89 Rancho Arriba, D.R. Godo (Italy)
GONZALEZ, Eric RHP R R 6’4 200 5’Sep’86 San Juan de la Rambla, Spain Lake Erie (Frontier League)
GRANADOS, Ivan LHP L L 6’2 240 30’Sep’85 San Carlos, VZ San Marino (Italy)
HERNANDEZ, Ricardo LHP L L 5’11 225 23’Jan’88 Caracas, VZ Nettuno (Italy)
MANNO, Chris LHP L L 6’3 170 11’Apr’88 Brooklyn, NY Pensacola (CIN ‘ AA)
MORLAN, Eduardo RHP R R 6’2 225 3’Jan’86 Havana, Cuba So. Maryland (Atlantic League)
NACAR, Leslie RHP R R 6’1 207 20’Jul’82 Libertad, VZ Tenerife (Spain)
NOGUERA, Antonio LHP L L 6’3 210 26’Feb’88 Caracas, VZ Novara (Italy)
OLIVERA, Manuel LHP L L 5’10 210 8’Dec’77 Barcelona, Mexico Jupiter Biscuits (Ind.)
SALAZAR, Richard LHP L L 5’11 200 9’Jun’81 Caracas, VZ Sioux City (American Assoc.)
SCHUMACHER, Nick RHP R R 6’4 220 24’Jul’85 Huntington Beach, CA Sioux City (American Assoc.)
Catchers (3) Pos B T HT WT DOB Hometown 2012 Club
HERNANDEZ, Leo C R R 5’10 195 22’Feb’90 La Guaira, VZ Vancouver (TOR ‘ A)
NIETO, Adrian C S R 6’0 200 11’Dec’89 Havana, Cuba Hagerstown (WSH ‘ A)
OCHOA, Blake C R R 5’11 200 9’May’85 Maracay, VZ Valencia (Spain)
Infielders (7) Pos B T HT WT DOB Hometown 2012 Club
CANIZARES, Barbaro 1B R R 6’3 210 21’Nov’79 Havana, Cuba Oaxaca (Mexico)
FIGUEROA, Paco SS R R 5’11 180 19’Feb’83 Miami, FL So. Maryland (Atlantic League)
GOLINDANO, Jesus 3B R R 5’11 210 13’Jan’82 Maturin, VZ Barcelona (Spain)
PEREZ, Nestor SS R R 5’11 206 24’Nov’76 Matanzas, Cuba Tenerife (Spain)
SALAZAR, Juan 2B R R 5’10 195 17’Oct’81 Santa Rosa, VZ Valencia (Spain)
SANCHEZ, Yunesky 3B R R 6’3 230 3’May’83 Matanzas, Cuba Somerset (Atlanta League)
SUAREZ, Gabriel 2B R R 6’0 185 14’Dec’84 Denver, CO Rancho Cucamonga (LAD ‘ A)
Outfielders (5) Pos B T HT WT DOB Hometown 2012 Club
ALVAREZ, Rafael OF L L 6’0 195 22’Jan’77 Valencia, VZ Cafetaleros del Tachira (VZ)
BELTRE, Engel OF L L 6’2 180 11’Jan’89 Santo Domingo, D.R. Frisco (TEX ‘ AA)
FIGUEROA, Daniel OF R R 5’11 180 19’Feb’83 Miami, FL N/A
GOMEZ, Yasser OF L L 5’9 170 1’Apr’80 Havana, Cuba McAllen (No. American League)
TAVAREZ, Franklin OF S R 6’2 198 27’Nov’88 Santo Domingo, D.R. Novara (Italy)
South Africa 28-Man Roster
Manager: Rick Magnante (2): Pitching Coach: Craig Lefferts; Hitting Coach:Brian MCarn; Bench Coach: Alan Phillips; First Base Coach: Neil Adonis; Third Base Coach: Mike Randall Athletic Trainers: Nate Brooks; Equipment: Gavin Bennett; Press Officer: Robert Fai; Roster Manager: Moira Dempsey; Delegation Head: William Peddle
Pitchers (14) B T WT DOB Hometown 2012 Club
ANGELUCCI, Alessio RHP R R 190 28’Jul’88 Johannesburg, SA Piacena/Godo Knights
CREE, Kieran RHP R R 185 19’Feb’91 Johannesburg, SA Boksburg Cardinals
DEMEYER, Dylan RHS R R 165 16’Sep’92 Centurion, SA AZL Mariners (SEA ‘ R)
EKERMANS, Shannon LHP/IF L L 185 5’Jun’87 Capetown, SA Bellville Tygers
ELARIO, Jared RHP R R 209 14’Oct’88 Capetown, SA Bothasig
GROVES, Ryan RHP R R 180 23’Sep’88 Capetown, SA Bellville Tygers
JEFFRIES, Gavin RHP R R 207 24’Nov’76 Capetown, SA VOB
LEWIS-WALKER, Robert RHS R R 195 7’Apr’93 Amanzimtoti, SA AZL Reds (CIN ‘ R)
LINDSAY, Dylan RHP R R 185 4’Sep’91 Brakpan, SA Boksburg Cardinals
LOVEGROVE, Kieran RHP R R 185 28’Jul’94 Johannesburg, SA AZL Indians (CLE ‘ R)
MACKEY, Wade RHP R R 215 25’Jan’87 Austin, TX Lincoln Saltdogs
MICHAELS, Carl RHP R R 185 21’May’81 Capetown, SA Athlone
ROBB, Hein LHR L L 234 12’May’92 Brakpan, SA Elizabethton (MIN ‘ R)
UNSWORTH, Dylan RHS R R 170 23’Sep’92 Capetown, SA Everett (SEA ‘ A)
Catchers (3) Pos B T WT DOB Hometown 2012 Club
BOTHA, Kyle C R R 180 7’Aug’88 Capetown, SA Bothasig
BOUILLON, Brandon C R R 217 21’Mar’89 Johannesburg, SA Kempton Park Redsox
ETTISCH, Kyle C R R 19 31’Aug’87 Capetown, SA Bellville Tygers
Infielders (6) Pos B T WT DOB Hometown 2012 Club
BELL, Paul INF R R 170 24’Jun’80 Capetown, SA VOB
HOSKINS, Wesley INF R R 215 3’Dec’89 Johannesburg, SA Lower Columbia College / Southern Maryland Nationals
NGOEPE, Gift INF R R 165 18’Jan’90 Randburg, SA Bradenton (PIT ‘ A)
PHILLIPS, Jonathan  INF R R 191 16’Apr’86 Capetown, SA Bellville Tygers
RANDALL, Allan INF R R 187 17’Aug’84 Capetown, SA Bellville Tygers
WILLEMBURG, Brett INF S R 180 2’Jul’84 Capetown, SA VOB
Outfielders (4) Pos B T WT DOB Hometown 2012 Club
DEMPSEY, Michael OF R R 185 28’Feb’84 Johannesburg, SA Randburg Mets
HOLGATE, Richard OF R R 210 19’Mar’88 Durban, SA Umhlanga Rockets
MOOSA, Faizel OF R R 176 2’Sep’75 Capetown, SA Athlone
WEITZ, Karl OF R R 200 8’Dec’88 Capetown, SA VOB
Utility (1) Pos B T WT DOB Hometown 2012 Club
WEDEL, Darren UT R R 207 24-Mar-86 Capetown, SA Athlone