July 2 Top 30 International Prospects List

The 2013-14 international signing period begins on July 2, marking the first day of the year when 16-year-old international prospects are eligible to sign.

This year's class doesn't have a dominant player who stands above the rest the way Michael Ynoa did in 2008 or Miguel Sano in 2009, and that's usually the nature of evaluating 15- and 16-year-old players. While Eloy Jimenez ranks as this year's No. 1 prospect and is high on many teams' lists, he isn't a consensus choice, as many teams have another player from the top 10 at the top of their boards.

The top 10 players have separated themselves as the elite players in the class, even though teams might have them on their preference lists in different orders. Opinions begin to diverge more after that, with an even wider range of evaluations on players ranked in the 21-30 range and those who just missed the list.

Due to the nature of the international market, some players will sign for $1 million while other teams might value those players at $100,000. Our rankings attempt to capture the industry consensus, something the bonuses themselves don't necessarily do.

The rankings include amateur players from South Korea and Taiwan who have finished high school, but they do not include Japanese players, because their top amateur prospects almost exclusively sign with Japanese professional teams. The Cuban market is also different enough that we have decided not to rank Cubans here.

We have decided not to rank players who have previously been eligible to sign, are currently suspended (or on the "not eligible to sign" list) or have ever been suspended. Although some of them may sign during the 2013-14 period, the process of scouting and signing those players is different enough that we will leave them aside for now. So Dominican righthanders Jefferson Mejia and Angelo Serrano (formerly Andres Serrano) and Dominican shortstop Cecilio Aybar (formerly Obispo Aybar) were not considered for this list.

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1. Eloy Jimenez, of, Dominican Republic (video)
2. Gleyber Torres, ss, Venezuela
3. Rafael Devers, 3b, Dominican Republic (video)
4. Luis Encarnacion, 3b, Dominican Republic (video)
5. Leonardo Molina, cf, Dominican Republic (video)
6. Marcos Diplan, rhp, Dominican Republic (video)
7. Yeyson Yrizarri, ss, Venezuela/Dominican Republic
8. Yeltsin Gudino, ss, Venezuela (video)
9. Micker Zapata, of, Dominican Republic
10. Jose Herrera, c, Venezuela
11. Carlos Herrera, ss, Venezuela
12. Marten Gasparini, ss, Italy
13. Erick Julio, rhp, Colombia
14. Jesus Lopez, ss, Nicaragua (video)
15. Lewin Diaz, of/1b, Dominican Republic (video)
16. Erling Moreno, rhp, Colombia (video)
17. Carlos Hiciano, ss, Dominican Republic (video)
18. Freddy Rodriguez, of, Venezuela (video)
19. Mayky Perez, rhp, Dominican Republic (video)
20. Nicolas Pierre, of, Dominican Republic
21. Greifer Andrade, of, Venezuela
22. Cristhian Vasquez, of, Venezuela
23. Jen-Ho Tseng, rhp, Taiwan (video)
24. Wilson Amador, ss, Dominican Republic
25. Ali Sanchez, c, Venezuela
26. Michael de Leon, ss, Dominican Republic (video)
27. Ricardo Sanchez, lhp, Venezuela
28. Carlos Talavera, of, Venezuela (video)
29. Anderson Franco, 3b, Dominican Republic (video)
30. Luis Carpio, ss, Venezuela