Jose Abreu Open Showcase Scheduled For Next Week

Cuban first baseman Jose Abreu will have two open showcases for all teams next week.

Abreu will showcase for teams at the Yankees’ Dominican academy on Monday, then again on Tuesday, also at the Yankees’ complex. It’s expected that Abreu will field ground balls at first base, take batting practice to show off his power, then face some live pitching, though he isn’t expected to play in any games or simulated games.

While the showcase will give all teams an opportunity to see him at once, Abreu has already held private workouts with several teams in the Dominican Republic since leaving Cuba last month.

So while there’s information for teams to gain from Abreu’s showcase, clubs should already know him well. In addition to video available on Abreu from his games in Cuba’s Serie Nacional, teams have extensive history with Abreu from his time playing on Cuba’s top national team.

Over the last three years, he’s racked up around 300 plate appearances outside of Cuba, so teams have had the opportunity to scout him heavily, though with the obvious caveat that he isn’t facing much major league-caliber pitching in those environments.

Abreu has reportedly been claiming to have established permanent residency in Haiti, although Major League Baseball confirmed today that he is not yet a free agent. The Rangers and Red Sox are two teams sources believe could make a run at Abreu once he presumably becomes a free agent in the offseason.

Abreu, a 26-year-old former MVP in Cuba, is represented by Bart Hernandez, Scott Shapiro and Barry Praver.