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Top signing: OF Jesus Munoz and Esmerlin Gonzalez, Dominican Republic, $300,000 each.

Total signings: 48.


It was surprising when the Diamondbacks signed Cuban righthander Yoan Lopez for an $8.26 million last year in January, for a few reasons. Lopez had a good arm, but wasn't considered a premium prospect, and by signing him, the Diamondbacks went over their 2014-15 bonus pool. That meant they would be in the penalty box for two years unable to sign any pool-eligible players for more than $300,000 beginning last year on July 2, which meant a big sacrifice for a team that had the biggest 2015-16 bonus pool in baseball at $5,393,900. Up until that point, they were viewed as the heavy favorites to sign players for July 2 in the $1 million territory, deals that obviously never came to fruition given their penalty.

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