SEE IT: Cuba’s Can-Am Series Ends With Wild Finish

The finale of Cuba’s series in the Cam-Am League on June 29 ended prematurely thanks to a wild finish that led to the Can-Am League umpires ejecting the entire Cuban coaching staff.

Cuba was batting with one out and a man on first in the ninth inning, trailing by one. Victor Mesa hit a ground ball to Rockland shortstop Mike Fransoso, who quickly fed second baseman Dylan Tice. Yoelkis Cespedes appeared to beat the throw and was called safe, but Tice yelled to the umpire about how Cespedes grabbed him as he came into second.

Rockland manager Jamie Keefe came out to argue the call and after a conference, the umpires called Cespedes out for interference. And all hell broke loose.

Cuba coach Victor Mesa Sr. argued the call.

At the same time Cuba manager Roger Machado expressed his displeasure, adding in an Earl Weaver-esque dirt kick.

After another Cuban official chest-bumped an umpire, the umpires ejected the entire Cuban coaching staff and then called the game after 8.2 innings, making it a 6-5 Rockland win.

When it ended, the umpires exited through the stands to get off the field.

Cuba has played U.S. professionals in numerous international tournaments over the years and began the annual series with the Can-Am League in 2016.