Astros Sign Dominican Outfielder Bryan De La Cruz

The Astros have signed 16-year-old Dominican outfielder Bryan de la Cruz for $170,000.

De la Cruz shows power potential from his athletic 6-foot-2, 175-pound frame and has solid tools, including speed that’s improved since the beginning of the year. A righthanded hitter, de la Cruz was working out for teams as a shortstop when the year started but moved to the outfield before signing and is expected to start his career in center field. He trained with Amauris Nina and played in the International Prospect League.

The Astros entered the 2013-14 international signing period with the largest bonus pool in baseball. Since the signing period opened on July 2, they have also signed Dominican shortstops Wilson Amador (the No. 24 international prospect), Joan Mauricio, Wander Franco and Frankeny Fernandez, and Dominican outfielder Felix Lucas, all of whom played in the IPL. They also signed Venezuelan outfielder Nestor Tejada, Venezuelan shortstop/catcher Jonathan Matute and Dominican shortstop/center fielder Osvaldo Duarte.