Brewers Sign No. 5 International Prospect Gilbert Lara

The Brewers have signed 16-year-old Dominican infielder Gilbert Lara, the No. 5 international prospect for July 2, for $3.1 million.

Gilbert Lara and one of his trainers, Jaime Ramos.

Gilbert Lara and one of his trainers, Jaime Ramos.

At 6-foot-3, 205 pounds, Lara is a strong, physical righthanded hitter who has an unorthodox approach but has hit well and shown power in game situations. He could start his career at third base, though many scouts expect him to be a left fielder or a first baseman.

Enrique Soto, who was convicted of sexually assaulting two of his former players and had his son use a fake age by four years to sign with the Mariners for $700,000, has trained Lara with Jaime Ramos. Lara has played in both the International Prospect League and the Dominican Prospect League.

Baseball America subscribers can access a detailed scouting report on Lara.

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