Red Sox Sign No. 4 International Prospect Anderson Espinoza

The Red Sox have signed Venezuelan righthander Anderson Espinoza, the No. 4 international prospect for July 2, for $1.8 million. Espinoza, 16, is the best pitcher in the 2014 class. At 6 feet, 175 pounds, he has a loose delivery, a fastball up to 94 mph with advanced secondary stuff and pitchability. Espinoza trained with Felix Luzon. Baseball America subscribers can access a detailed scouting report on Espinoza.

Between Espinoza and the $1.5 million signing today of Dominican righthander Christopher Acosta, the Red Sox have gone well beyond their bonus pool, as expected, and will face the maximum penalties for doing so, with a 100 percent tax on their pool overage and the loss of the right to sign any player for more than $300,000 during the next two signing periods. Espinoza’s contract also includes $200,000 in college scholarship money, but that won’t count against the bonus pool.

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