Where The 2017 Top 50 International Prospects Are Signing

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Our list below contains where Baseball America’s Top 50 international prospects have agreed to sign. As is the case with any signing, these agreements are all pending an officially signed contract and approval from the commissioner’s office, but these players have reached agreements to sign with teams.

Rank, Player Pos. Country Team Video
1. Wander Franco ss DR Rays bba_video_icon_red
2. Daniel Flores c VZ Red Sox bba_video_icon_red
3. Ronny Mauricio ss DR Mets bba_video_icon_red 
4. Everson Pereira of VZ Yankees bba_video_icon_red 
5. George Valera of DR Indians bba_video_icon_red 
6. Julio Rodriguez of DR Mariners bba_video_icon_red 
7. Danny Diaz ss VZ Red Sox bba_video_icon_red 
8. Carlos Rodriguez of VZ Brewers bba_video_icon_red 
9. Kristian Robinson of Bahamas D-Backs bba_video_icon_red 
10. Raimfer Salinas of VZ bba_video_icon_red 
11. Ronny Rojas ss DR Yankees bba_video_icon_red 
12. Luis Garcia ss DR Phillies bba_video_icon_red 
13. Jelfry Marte ss DR bba_video_icon_red 
14. Eric Pardinho rhp Brazil Blue Jays bba_video_icon_red 
15. Antonio Cabello c VZ bba_video_icon_red 
16. Adrian Hernandez of DR Mets bba_video_icon_red 
17. Aaron Bracho ss VZ Indians bba_video_icon_red 
18. Ynmanol Marinez ss DR Marlins bba_video_icon_red
19. Trent Deveaux of Bahamas Angels bba_video_icon_red 
20. Roberto Chirinos ss VZ Yankees bba_video_icon_red
21. Juan Querecuto ss VZ Mariners bba_video_icon_red
22. Ezequiel Tovar ss VZ Rockies
23. Miguel Hiraldo ss DR Blue Jays bba_video_icon_red 
24. Keyber Rodriguez ss VZ Rangers bba_video_icon_red 
25. Victor Vargas rhp Colombia Phillies
26. Larry Ernesto of DR Brewers bba_video_icon_red 
27. Wilderd Patino of VZ Diamondbacks bba_video_icon_red
28. Anthony Garcia of DR Yankees bba_video_icon_red
29. Florencio Serrano rhp Mexico Cubs
30. Carlos Aguiar of VZ Twins bba_video_icon_red 
31. Julio Machado ss VZ Marlins bba_video_icon_red 
32. Alejandro Melean rhp VZ Blue Jays bba_video_icon_red 
33. Fadriel Cruz ss DR Rockies bba_video_icon_red 
34. Mauro Bonifacio of DR bba_video_icon_red 
35. Antoni Flores ss VZ Red Sox bba_video_icon_red 
36. Leonardo Jimenez ss Panama Blue Jays bba_video_icon_red 
37. D'Shawn Knowles of Bahamas Angels
38. Alberto Rodriguez of DR Blue Jays bba_video_icon_red 
39. Alvaro Gonzalez ss VZ Tigers bba_video_icon_red 
40. Stanly Consuegra of DR Mets bba_video_icon_red 
41. Carlos Betancourt rhp VZ Phillies
42. Cesar Rodriguez c VZ Phillies bba_video_icon_red 
43. Carlos Irigoyen ss VZ Tigers bba_video_icon_red
44. Jorge Barrosa of VZ D-Backs bba_video_icon_red 
45. Juan Pie of DR Pirates bba_video_icon_red 
46. Osleivis Basabe ss VZ bba_video_icon_red 
47. Luis Verdugo ss Mexico Cubs
48. Karlo Seijas rhp VZ Nationals bba_video_icon_red 
49. David Marcano rhp VZ Mets
50. Heitor Tokar rhp Brazil Astros bba_video_icon_red