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Baseball Camps for High School Players

Summer Baseball Camps

Do you want to play baseball in college? Then you need to showcase your skills in front of college coaches.

Baseball America Clinics are designed to empower high school baseball players by getting them noticed by the decision makers at the next level.

Unlike other summer baseball camps and baseball showcases, Baseball America Clinics give high school players unparalleled access to college coaches for instruction and evaluation:

College coaches are guaranteed to be there.

Games and workouts take place on one field in front of every coach.

Instructional sessions are run like college practices.

Spots are limited to maximize playing time.

Players and their parents meet 1-on-1 with a college coach and receive a written evaluation.

All players get tested and train with cutting-edge technology, like Diamond Kinetics and AXONSPORTS cognitive pitch recognition.

With one-day, two-day, and academic baseball camps across the country, we can accommodate the needs of all players serious about competing at the college level.

Here are the first 10 summer baseball camps of 2017:

June 20 – Dallas, Texas Clinic

June 20-21 – Indianapolis, Indiana Academic Midwest Clinic

June 24-25 – Washington, D.C. Academic Mid-Atlantic Clinic

July 6 – Loves Park, Illinois North Clinic

July 11 – Springfield, Ohio Clinic

July 12 – Birmingham, Alabama Clinic

July 18 – San Antonio, Texas Clinic 

July 25-26 – Orange, California Academic West Clinic

July 27 – Medord, Massachusetts New England Clinic

August 1-2 – Medford, Massachusetts Academic New England Clinic

See the complete list of all of our events here: Baseball America Clinics.

For more information, check the Baseball America Clinics Official Blog and The Definitive Guide: Summer Baseball Camps for High School Players. 

Space is limited for all events, so we recommend that you register early before the camp you want to attend is filled up.

If you have any more questions, please reference our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Step up to the plate, get noticed and take your game to the next level!