A Day In The Life: Kodi Medeiros (VIDEO)

Baseball America partner Student Sports, which operates the Area Code Games presented by New Balance, has made a series of Day in the Life videos featuring players from the high school Class of 2014 who participated in last summer’s Area Code Games. We’re happy to present them to you here. You can visit the Student Sports website for more on the 2014 Area Code Games.

Lefthander Kodi Medeiros could be the first Hawaiian high schooler picked in the first round.

Less than a week after the 2013 draft, the scouting world flocked to Minneapolis for the Perfect Game National Showcase, the first big event for the 2014 class. The first pitcher to take the Metrodome mound, Medeiros had evaluators looking forward to the draft as he displayed some of the most electric stuff in the class.

Kodi Medelros (Photo by Scott Kurtz)

Kodi Medelros (Photo by Scott Kurtz)

Medeiros brandishes a low-90s fastball that has touched 94 mph with armside run and sink. His breaking ball is one of the best in the prep ranks, and his changeup has above-average potential. Evaluators were eager to see more from Medeiros, and he delivered at the Area Code Games in August.

Medeiros’ three pitch-mix, deception and plus sink to his fastball left hitters unable to lift the ball out of the infield. Hitters on the showcase circuit routinely said that he was the toughest pitcher they had ever faced, and catchers who handled him agreed. At multiple showcase events, umpires, who typically don't set up behind catchers during warmup pitches, made sure to do so to take in Medeiros’ warmup pitches, a testament to his stuff.

Twitter was abuzz with adjectives such as “filthy” and “nasty” and “wicked” to describe Medeiros’ stuff when his start in the Perfect Game All-American Classic was broadcast on MLB Network.

His name dots the TrackMan leaderboards, as that measurement tool showed that his fastball and slider spin rates are among the best in the class. Medeiros’ electric stuff is as unique as the way he produces it. The Hawaii native, a long-toss devotee, has a high arm path in the back and throws from a slot just above sidearm, which helps give him explosive movement. The Pepperdine commitment, who has a background in judo, possesses impressive physical strength to his 6-foot-1, 191-pound frame.

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