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Round 35

Players signed indicated in Bold

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Pick Overall BA Rk Team Player [+All] Position School State Bonus
1 1037 Houston Astros Kacy Clemens   RHP Memorial HS, Houston Texas
2 1038 Chicago Cubs Ramsey Romano   SS Valhalla HS, El Cajon, Calif. Calif.
3 1039 166 Colorado Rockies Ronnie Gideon   3B Hallsville (Texas) HS Texas
4 1040 Minnesota Twins Nick Lemoncelli   LHP Lower Columbia (Wash.) JC Wash.
5 1041 Cleveland Indians Jordan Milbrath   RHP Augustana (S.D.) S.D.
6 1042 469 Miami Marlins Cole Stapler   RHP Dutchtown HS, Geismar, La. La.
7 1043 Boston Red Sox Rafael Oliveras   3B Loaiza Cordero Del Rosario HS, Yauco, P.R. P.R.
8 1044 Kansas City Royals Clay Miller   LHP Bayfield (Colo.) HS Colo.
9 1045 Toronto Blue Jays Akoni Arriaga   RHP Baldwin HS, Wailuku, Hawaii Hawaii
10 1046 New York Mets Ty Williams   RHP Seminole State (Okla.) JC Okla.
11 1047 Seattle Mariners Marshawn Taylor   SS Simeon HS, Chicago Ill.
12 1048 San Diego Padres Taylor Blair   RHP Lexington (Ky.) Christian HS Ky.
13 1049 Pittsburgh Pirates Cody Beam   RHP Dallas Baptist Texas
14 1050 Arizona Diamondbacks Tyler Toyfair   RHP Massachusetts-Lowell Mass.
15 1051 Philadelphia Phillies Nick Ferdinand   OF Delaware Del.
16 1052 Milwaukee Brewers Jesse Travis   RHP Southwest Mississippi JC Miss.
17 1053 Chicago White Sox Sam Macias   OF San Diego Calif.
18 1054 Los Angeles Dodgers Kaleb Holbrook   C South Georgia JC Ga.
19 1055 St. Louis Cardinals Vaughn Bryan   OF Broward (Fla.) JC Fla. $100,000
20 1056 85 Detroit Tigers A.J. Puk   LHP Washington HS, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Iowa
21 1057 Los Angeles Angels Eric Weiss   C Texas A&M-Corpus Christi Texas
22 1058 Tampa Bay Rays Cory Jordan   RHP Grambling State La.
23 1059 Baltimore Orioles D.J. McKnight   OF Madison County HS, Madison, Fla. Fla.
24 1060 Texas Rangers Buddy Reed   OF St. George's HS, Middletown, R.I. R.I.
25 1061 Oakland Athletics A.J. Puckett   RHP De La Salle HS, Concord, Calif. Calif.
26 1062 San Francisco Giants Aubrey McCarty   1B Colquitt County HS, Moultrie, Ga. Ga.
27 1063 Atlanta Braves Angel Perez   SS Collegio San Felipe, Arecibo, P.R. P.R.
28 1064 New York Yankees Nick Green   RHP Fountain-Fort Carson HS, Fountain, Colo. Colo.
29 1065 Cincinnati Reds Conner Simonetti   OF Fairport (N.Y.) HS N.Y.
30 1066 162 Washington Nationals Lukas Schiraldi   RHP Navarro (Texas) JC Texas