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Round 30

Players signed indicated in Bold

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Pick Overall BA Rk Team Player [+All] Position School State Bonus
1 887 Houston Astros Jorge Perez   RHP Seminole State (Okla.) JC Okla.
2 888 Chicago Cubs Zak Hermans   RHP Princeton N.J.
3 889 Colorado Rockies Jacob Stone   RHP Weatherford (Texas) JC Texas
4 890 Minnesota Twins Tanner Vavra   2B Valparaiso Ind.
5 891 99 Cleveland Indians Aaron Brown   LHP Pepperdine Calif.
6 892 Miami Marlins Eric Fisher   1B Arkansas Ark.
7 893 296 Boston Red Sox Nick Longhi   OF Venice (Fla.) HS Fla. $440,000
8 894 Kansas City Royals Andrew Ayers   2B Sacramento State Calif.
9 895 59 Toronto Blue Jays Rowdy Tellez   1B Elk Grove (Calif.) HS Calif. $850,000
10 896 New York Mets David McKay   RHP Viera HS, Melbourne, Fla. Fla.
11 897 Seattle Mariners Rafael Pineda   RHP Texas A&M Texas
12 898 370 San Diego Padres Jason Jester   RHP Texas A&M Texas
13 899 Pittsburgh Pirates Will Kendall   LHP Auburn Ala.
14 900 Arizona Diamondbacks Denver Chavez   2B Cal Poly Calif.
15 901 Philadelphia Phillies Venn Biter   OF Rossview HS, Clarksville, Tenn. Tenn. $100,000
16 902 299 Milwaukee Brewers Luis Aviles   SS Southwest HS, Miami Fla.
17 903 Chicago White Sox Jon Bengard   RHP California Baptist Calif.
18 904 Los Angeles Dodgers Ryan Scott   C Notre Dame HS, Scottsdale, Ariz. Ariz. $100,000
19 905 St. Louis Cardinals Trey Nielsen   RHP Utah Utah
20 906 Detroit Tigers Ryan Beck   LHP New Mexico State N.M.
21 907 Los Angeles Angels Cambric Moye   C UNC Greensboro N.C.
22 908 Tampa Bay Rays Colton Reavis   RHP Northwood (Texas) Texas
23 909 Baltimore Orioles Federico Castagnini   SS Creighton Neb.
24 910 Texas Rangers Joe Palumbo   LHP St. John the Baptist HS, West Islip, N.Y. N.Y.
25 911 Oakland Athletics Ben McQuown   OF Campbell N.C.
26 912 San Francisco Giants Dylan Brooks   RHP Lord Dorchester SS, North Dorchester, Ont. Ontario
27 913 Atlanta Braves Sterling Sharp   RHP North Farmington HS, Farmington Hills, Mich. Mich.
28 914 165 New York Yankees Cody Thomas   OF Colleyville (Texas) Heritage HS Texas
29 915 Cincinnati Reds Taylor Terrasas   3B Louisiana Tech La.
30 916 Washington Nationals Ryan Ullmann   RHP Concordia (Texas) Texas