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Round 24

Players signed indicated in Bold

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Pick Overall BA Rk Team Player [+All] Position School State Bonus
1 707 Houston Astros Nathan Thornhill   RHP Texas Texas
2 708 348 Chicago Cubs Tyler Alamo   C Cypress (Calif.) HS Calif. $100,000
3 709 Colorado Rockies Hunter Brothers   RHP Lipscomb Tenn.
4 710 Minnesota Twins Brandon Easton   LHP Lakeland (Ohio) JC Ohio
5 711 Cleveland Indians Kerry Doane   RHP East Tennessee State Tenn.
6 712 Miami Marlins Cody Harris   RHP The Masters (Calif.) Calif.
7 713 Boston Red Sox Jantzen Witte   3B Texas Christian Texas
8 714 Kansas City Royals Riley King   OF Carroll (Mont.) Mont.
9 715 Toronto Blue Jays Sean Hurley   OF Central Arizona JC Ariz.
10 716 New York Mets Matt Brill   RHP Moline (Ill.) HS Ill.
11 717 Seattle Mariners Kevin McCoy   RHP Kennesaw State Ga.
12 718 409 San Diego Padres Marcus Davis   OF Florida State Fla. $100,000
13 719 Pittsburgh Pirates Carson Cross   RHP Connecticut Conn.
14 720 Arizona Diamondbacks Zach Esquerra   OF California Baptist Calif.
15 721 Philadelphia Phillies Will Morris   RHP JC of Southern Nevada Nev.
16 722 Milwaukee Brewers Chris Razo   RHP Illinois State Ill.
17 723 Chicago White Sox Jacob Morris   OF Arkansas Ark.
18 724 Los Angeles Dodgers Jose De Leon   RHP Southern La.
19 725 St. Louis Cardinals Devante Lacy   OF Cedar Valley (Texas) JC Texas
20 726 Detroit Tigers Chase Edwards   RHP Hill (Texas) JC Texas $130,000
21 727 Los Angeles Angels Mark Shannon   OF Nevada-Las Vegas Nev.
22 728 Tampa Bay Rays Jeremy Hadley   OF Sachse (Texas) HS Texas $100,000
23 729 Baltimore Orioles Jared Breen   SS Belmont Tenn.
24 730 Texas Rangers Darryn Sheppard   OF Dulles HS, Sugar Land, Texas Texas
25 731 Oakland Athletics Kevin Johnson   RHP Illinois Ill.
26 732 San Francisco Giants Nick Gonzalez   LHP South Florida Fla.
27 733 Atlanta Braves Orrin Sears   C Arizona Christian Ariz.
28 734 New York Yankees Sam Agnew-Wieland   RHP Appalachian State N.C.
29 735 118 Cincinnati Reds Brett Morales   RHP King HS, Tampa Fla.
30 736 Washington Nationals Matt Derosier   RHP Southwestern (Calif.) JC Calif.