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Round 23

Players signed indicated in Bold

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Pick Overall BA Rk Team Player [+All] Position School State Bonus
1 677 Houston Astros Thomas Lindauer   SS Illinois Ill.
2 678 Chicago Cubs Tyler Ihrig   LHP Marin (Calif.) JC Calif.
3 679 Colorado Rockies Jerad McCrummen   RHP Texas Tech Texas
4 680 Minnesota Twins Zach Hayden   RHP South Carolina-Aiken S.C.
5 681 Cleveland Indians Grant Fink   3B Missouri Western State Mo.
6 682 Miami Marlins Josh Easley   RHP North Carolina State N.C.
7 683 300 Boston Red Sox Jimmy Allen   2B Cal Poly Calif.
8 684 272 Kansas City Royals Javier Reynoso   LHP Middle Georgia JC Ga. $100,000
9 685 Toronto Blue Jays Brenden Kalfus   OF St. Mary's Calif.
10 686 New York Mets Gaither Bumgardner   RHP South Carolina-Upstate S.C.
11 687 Seattle Mariners Kyle Petty   1B California (Pa.) Pa.
12 688 San Diego Padres Chris Long   RHP Darton State (Ga.) JC Ga.
13 689 Pittsburgh Pirates Cameron Griffin   LHP Stetson Fla.
14 690 Arizona Diamondbacks Randy McCurry   SS Oklahoma State Okla.
15 691 Philadelphia Phillies Chris O'Hare   LHP Fisher (Mass.) Mass.
16 692 Milwaukee Brewers Eric Williams   OF Sachse (Texas) HS Texas
17 693 Chicago White Sox Trey Wimmer   C Liberty Va.
18 694 Los Angeles Dodgers M.J. Villegas   RHP Seton Catholic HS, Chandler, Ariz. Ariz. $100,000
19 695 St. Louis Cardinals Alex De Leon   C Kansas Kan.
20 696 216 Detroit Tigers Tyler Alexander   LHP Carroll HS, Southlake, Texas Texas
21 697 Los Angeles Angels Matt Hernandez   LHP Houston Texas
22 698 Tampa Bay Rays Rick Teasley   LHP St. Leo (Fla.) Fla.
23 699 Baltimore Orioles Stefan Crichton   RHP Texas Christian Texas
24 700 Texas Rangers Luis Pollorena   LHP Mississippi State Miss.
25 701 Oakland Athletics Josh Miller   C South Carolina-Aiken S.C.
26 702 San Francisco Giants Brandon Zajac   LHP Cleveland State (Tenn.) JC Tenn.
27 703 Atlanta Braves Connor Oliver   OF State JC of Florida Fla. $100,000
28 704 New York Yankees Alex Polanco   RHP Western Oklahoma State JC Okla.
29 705 Cincinnati Reds Narciso Crook   OF Gloucester County (N.J.) JC N.J. $100,000
30 706 Washington Nationals Garrett Gordon   OF Wabash Valley (Ill.) JC Ill.