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Round 19

Players signed indicated in Bold

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Pick Overall BA Rk Team Player [+All] Position School State Bonus
1 557 394 Houston Astros Jake Rodriguez   C Oregon State Ore.
2 558 Chicago Cubs Will Remillard   C Coastal Carolina S.C. $150,000
3 559 Colorado Rockies Scott Firth   RHP Clemson S.C.
4 560 455 Minnesota Twins Jared Wilson   RHP UC Santa Barbara Calif.
5 561 Cleveland Indians Matt Whitehouse   LHP UC Irvine Calif.
6 562 Miami Marlins Will White   LHP Marin (Calif.) JC Calif.
7 563 265 Boston Red Sox Gabe Speier   LHP Dos Pueblos HS, Goleta, Calif. Calif. $200,000
8 564 387 Kansas City Royals Andrew Edwards   RHP Western Kentucky Ky.
9 565 Toronto Blue Jays Christian Vazquez   SS Lubbock Christian (Texas) Texas
10 566 New York Mets Cody Crouse   RHP Bloomingdale HS, Valrico, Fla. Fla.
11 567 Seattle Mariners Jeff Zimmerman   1B Northern Illinois Ill.
12 568 San Diego Padres Christian Summers   SS Angelo State (Texas) Texas
13 569 Pittsburgh Pirates Brett McKinney   RHP Ohio State Ohio
14 570 Arizona Diamondbacks Jake Mayers   3B Richmond Va.
15 571 Philadelphia Phillies Matt Soren   RHP Delaware Del.
16 572 Milwaukee Brewers Josh Matheson   RHP Minnesota State Minn.
17 573 156 Chicago White Sox Adam Engel   OF Louisville Ky. $100,000
18 574 482 Los Angeles Dodgers Blake Hennessey   SS Arlington Country Day HS, Jacksonville Fla. $100,000
19 575 St. Louis Cardinals Michael Schulze   SS Missouri Western State Mo.
20 576 Detroit Tigers Austin Pritcher   RHP Citadel S.C.
21 577 Los Angeles Angels Cole Swanson   LHP Concordia (Calif.) Calif.
22 578 Tampa Bay Rays Josh Kimborowicz   RHP Everett (Wash.) JC Wash. $100,000
23 579 Baltimore Orioles Dylan Rheault   RHP Central Michigan Mich. $100,000
24 580 Texas Rangers Ryan Ledbetter   RHP Cedarville (Ohio) Ohio $100,000
25 581 78 Oakland Athletics A.J. Vanegas   RHP Stanford Calif.
26 582 San Francisco Giants Garrett Hughes   LHP Stanford Calif.
27 583 Atlanta Braves Jordan Sechler   LHP Cal State Los Angeles Calif.
28 584 New York Yankees Andy Beresford   RHP Nevada-Las Vegas Nev.
29 585 Cincinnati Reds Alex Krupa   OF Greenwood (Ind.) Community HS Ind.
30 586 Washington Nationals Niko Spezial   LHP Wake Forest N.C.