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Round 16

Players signed indicated in Bold

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Pick Overall BA Rk Team Player [+All] Position School State Bonus
1 467 Houston Astros Dillon Newman   RHP Baylor Texas
2 468 393 Chicago Cubs Cael Brockmeyer   C Cal State Bakersfield Calif.
3 469 Colorado Rockies Alex Rodriguez   LHP Indian River (Fla.) JC Fla.
4 470 Minnesota Twins Brandon Bixler   LHP Florida Gulf Coast Fla.
5 471 499 Cleveland Indians Mark Payton   OF Texas Texas
6 472 Miami Marlins Tyler Kinley   RHP Barry (Fla.) Fla.
7 473 352 Boston Red Sox Jalen Williams   RHP Westminster Christian Academy, Opelousas, La. La. $150,000
8 474 Kansas City Royals Kevin McCarthy   RHP Marist N.Y.
9 475 Toronto Blue Jays Danny Jansen   C Appleton (Wis.) West HS Wis. $100,000
10 476 New York Mets Zach Mathieu   1B Franklin Pierce (N.H.) N.H.
11 477 361 Seattle Mariners Lonnie Kauppila   SS Stanford Calif.
12 478 San Diego Padres Payton Baskette   LHP Grayson County (Texas) JC Texas $100,000
13 479 421 Pittsburgh Pirates Billy Roth   RHP Vista (Calif.) HS Calif. $190,000
14 480 229 Arizona Diamondbacks Elvin Soto   C Pittsburgh Pa. $100,000
15 481 Philadelphia Phillies Lee Ridenhour   RHP Austin Peay State Tenn.
16 482 Milwaukee Brewers Corey Miller   RHP Pepperdine Calif.
17 483 Chicago White Sox Christian Stringer   SS Rice Texas
18 484 Los Angeles Dodgers Peter Miller   RHP Florida State Fla.
19 485 St. Louis Cardinals Blake Higgins   RHP Jackson (Mich.) JC Mich. $100,000
20 486 Detroit Tigers Duncan McAlpine   C Dallas Baptist Texas
21 487 445 Los Angeles Angels Ryan Etsell   RHP Hillsborough (Fla.) JC Fla. $100,000
22 488 Tampa Bay Rays Darren Fischer   LHP Central Florida JC Fla.
23 489 Baltimore Orioles Randolph Gassaway   1B Riverwood International HS, Sandy Springs, Ga. Ga. $100,000
24 490 330 Texas Rangers Marcus Greene   C New Mexico JC N.M.
25 491 Oakland Athletics Junior Mendez   RHP Southern New Hampshire N.H.
26 492 312 San Francisco Giants Jonah Arenado   3B El Toro HS, Lake Forest, Calif. Calif.
27 493 324 Atlanta Braves Michael Swanner   RHP Pepperdine Calif.
28 494 New York Yankees Ryan Butler   RHP Central Piedmont (N.C.) JC N.C.
29 495 Cincinnati Reds Fabian Roman   RHP Lubbock Christian (Texas) Texas
30 496 339 Washington Nationals Willie Allen   OF Western Oklahoma State JC Okla.