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Round 33

Players signed indicated in Bold

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Pick Overall BA Rk Team Player [+All] Position School State
1 999 Houston Astros Mike Hauschild   RHP Dayton Ohio
2 1000 Minnesota Twins Kaleb Merck   RHP Texas Christian Texas
3 1001 Seattle Mariners Logan Seifrit   RHP Vauxhall (Alb.) HS Alberta
4 1002 418 Baltimore Orioles Colton Plaia   C Loyola Marymount Calif.
5 1003 Kansas City Royals Evan Phillips   RHP Clayton (N.C.) HS N.C.
6 1004 Chicago Cubs Tom Pannone   OF Bishop Hendricken HS, Warwick, R.I. R.I.
7 1005 San Diego Padres Tony Wieber   RHP Michigan State Mich.
8 1006 Pittsburgh Pirates Carlos Leal   C East Central (Miss.) JC Miss.
9 1007 Miami Marlins Steve Weber   RHP Eastern Michigan Mich.
10 1008 452 Colorado Rockies Ryan Garvey   OF Riverside (Calif.) JC Calif.
11 1009 Oakland Athletics Tyler Johnson   RHP Stony Brook N.Y.
12 1010 232 New York Mets Jared Price   RHP Twin Valley HS, Elverson, Pa. Pa.
13 1011 Chicago White Sox Jon Savarise   LHP Stevenson HS, Lincolnshire, Ill. Ill.
14 1012 Cincinnati Reds Justin Topa   RHP Long Island N.Y.
15 1013 158 Cleveland Indians Cory Raley   SS Uvalde (Texas) HS Texas
16 1014 Washington Nationals Mike McQuillan   2B Iowa Iowa
17 1015 Toronto Blue Jays Jon Harris   RHP Hazelwood Central HS, Florissant, Mo. Mo.
18 1016 426 Los Angeles Dodgers C.J. Saylor   C South Hills HS, West Covina, Calif. Calif.
19 1017 Los Angeles Angels Sam Mulroy   C Princeton N.J.
20 1018 San Francisco Giants Brandon Farley   RHP Arkansas State Ark.
21 1019 169 Atlanta Braves Sam Gillikin   OF Hoover (Ala.) HS Ala.
22 1020 St. Louis Cardinals Ronnie Shaban   RHP Virginia Tech Va.
23 1021 499 Boston Red Sox Chris Carlson   OF Orange Coast (Calif.) JC Calif.
24 1022 Tampa Bay Rays Luke Goodgion   RHP Lewis-Clark State (Idaho) Idaho
25 1023 Arizona Diamondbacks Jonathan Pulley   RHP Spartanburg Methodist (S.C.) JC S.C.
26 1024 Detroit Tigers Tyler Hanover   2B Louisiana State La.
27 1025 Milwaukee Brewers Austin Hall   RHP Brigham Young Utah
28 1026 205 Texas Rangers Ryan Burr   RHP Highlands Ranch (Colo.) HS Colo.
29 1027 New York Yankees Saxon Butler   1B/C Samford Ala.
30 1028 267 Philadelphia Phillies Kyle Cody   RHP Chippewa Falls (Wis.) HS Wis.