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Round 31

Players signed indicated in Bold

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Pick Overall BA Rk Team Player [+All] Position School State
1 939 Houston Astros M.P. Cokinos   C St. Mary's (Texas) Texas
2 940 153 Minnesota Twins Timmy Robinson   OF Ocean View HS, Huntington Beach, Calif. Calif.
3 941 Seattle Mariners Rusty Shellhorn   LHP Texas Tech Texas
4 942 467 Baltimore Orioles Anthony Bazzani   RHP Eastern Kentucky Ky.
5 943 Kansas City Royals Hayden Edwards   RHP Blue Valley HS, Stilwell, Kan. Kan.
6 944 Chicago Cubs Bryan Bonnell   RHP Centennial HS, Las Vegas Nev.
7 945 San Diego Padres Matt Shepherd   RHP Tennessee Tech Tenn.
8 946 411 Pittsburgh Pirates Jack Moffit   RHP Flower Mound (Texas) HS Texas
9 947 Miami Marlins Lucas Hunter   SS Central Catholic HS, Portland, Ore. Ore.
10 948 Colorado Rockies Shawn Stuart   RHP Long Beach State Calif.
11 949 Oakland Athletics Ryan Gorton   C Oregon State Ore.
12 950 New York Mets Vance Vizcaino   SS Wakefield HS, Raleigh, N.C. N.C.
13 951 Chicago White Sox Corey Thompson   3B East Carolina N.C.
14 952 Cincinnati Reds Austin Salter   RHP Cisco (Texas) JC Texas
15 953 Cleveland Indians Danny Holst   OF Parkway South HS, Manchester, Mo. Mo.
16 954 Washington Nationals Mike Boyden   RHP Maryland Md.
17 955 Toronto Blue Jays Derrick Chung   SS Sacramento State Calif.
18 956 Los Angeles Dodgers David Graybill   RHP Brophy Prep HS, Phoenix Ariz.
19 957 Los Angeles Angels Jeff Kemp   SS Radford Va.
20 958 San Francisco Giants Jason Forjet   RHP Florida Gulf Coast Fla.
21 959 Atlanta Braves Matt Kimbrel   RHP Southern Polytechnic State (Ga.) Ga.
22 960 St. Louis Cardinals Joey Donofrio   RHP California Calif.
23 961 Boston Red Sox Austin Davis   RHP Southern Mississippi Miss.
24 962 495 Tampa Bay Rays Taylor Ward   C Shadow Hills HS, Indio, Calif. Calif.
25 963 359 Arizona Diamondbacks Andrew Potter   RHP Eastside HS, Lancaster, Calif. Calif.
26 964 Detroit Tigers Connor Harrell   OF Vanderbilt Tenn.
27 965 Milwaukee Brewers Brent Suter   LHP Harvard Mass.
28 966 Texas Rangers Zach Brill   LHP Morris HS, Longview, Wash. Wash.
29 967 New York Yankees Kevin Johnson   RHP Illinois Ill.
30 968 Philadelphia Phillies Chris Nichols   RHP Sioux Falls (S.D.) S.D.