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Round 23

Players signed indicated in Bold

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Pick Overall BA Rk Team Player [+All] Position School State
1 699 387 Houston Astros Travis Ballew   RHP Texas State Texas
2 700 Minnesota Twins Travis Huber   RHP Nebraska Neb.
3 701 Seattle Mariners Levi Dean   RHP Tennessee Wesleyan Tenn.
4 702 Baltimore Orioles Gene Escat   RHP Fresno State Calif.
5 703 Kansas City Royals Kevin Allen   RHP Texas Christian Texas
6 704 Chicago Cubs Jake Drossner   LHP Council Rock North HS, Newton, Pa. Pa.
7 705 San Diego Padres Chris O'Dowd   C Dartmouth N.H.
8 706 Pittsburgh Pirates Lance Breedlove   RHP Purdue Ind.
9 707 Miami Marlins Cameron Flynn   OF Kentucky Ky.
10 708 Colorado Rockies Andrew Brown   RHP Akron Ohio
11 709 Oakland Athletics Tucker Healy   RHP Ithaca (N.Y.) N.Y.
12 710 281 New York Mets Connor Baits   RHP Point Loma HS, San Diego Calif.
13 711 Chicago White Sox Kale Kiser   OF Nebraska Neb.
14 712 Cincinnati Reds Daniel Sweet   OF Northwest Rankin HS, Brandon, Miss. Miss.
15 713 451 Cleveland Indians Richard Stock   C/1B Nebraska Neb.
16 714 Washington Nationals Casey Selsor   LHP Texas-San Antonio Texas
17 715 Toronto Blue Jays Trey Pascazi   SS East Rochester (N.Y.) HS N.Y.
18 716 Los Angeles Dodgers Lindsey Caughel   RHP Stetson Fla.
19 717 Los Angeles Angels Mike Snyder   3B Florida Southern Fla.
20 718 San Francisco Giants Drew Leenhouts   LHP Northeastern Mass.
21 719 Atlanta Braves Kevin McKague   RHP Army N.Y.
22 720 St. Louis Cardinals Tate Matheny   OF Westminster Christian Academy, St. Louis Mo.
23 721 Boston Red Sox Brandon Magee   OF Arizona State Ariz.
24 722 Tampa Bay Rays Reid Redman   3B Texas Tech Texas
25 723 Arizona Diamondbacks Matt Dermody   LHP Iowa Iowa
26 724 Detroit Tigers Drew Harrison   RHP Oklahoma Okla.
27 725 Milwaukee Brewers Paul Eshleman   C Cal State San Bernardino Calif.
28 726 Texas Rangers Coby Cowgill   RHP Virginia Military Institute Va.
29 727 174 New York Yankees Vince Jackson   OF Luella HS, McDonough, Ga. Ga.
30 728 Philadelphia Phillies Geoff Broussard   RHP Cal Poly Pomona Calif.