When Is The 2013 MLB Draft And Everything Else You Need To Know

When Is The 2013 MLB Draft?

The 2013 MLB draft will begin on June 6 at 7 p.m. ET. The first round, supplemental first round, second round and supplemental second round will be broadcast live from Studio 42 in Secaucus, N.J., by MLB Network with Baseball America’s own Jim Callis serving as one of the expert analysts. For the first round, there will be four and a half minutes between picks. There will be two minutes between supplemental first-round picks and then one minute between picks for the second and supplemental second rounds.

For the final two days of the draft, all picks will be conducted by teleconference. On June 7, rounds three through 10 will be completed, with one minute between selections. On June 8, rounds 11-40 will be conducted rapid fire with no discernible gaps between picks. Callis and MLB.com’s Jonathan Mayo will be in studio for MLB.com’s broadcast of the second day of the draft. MLB.com will also air day three of the draft.

What Is The 2013 Draft Order?

Teams pick in reverse order of their 2012 winning percentage, with ties broken by winning percentage from the 2011 season. Adjustments are made for clubs that sign and lose free agents, and clubs that failed to sign picks from the first three rounds of last year's draft.

This year's draft is the first to include several changes to the compensation system outlined in the Collective Bargaining Agreement. There were fewer compensation-eligible free agents, and teams that signed such a free agent (who had to be with his previous team for the entire 2012 season) in the offseason lose their first-round pick, unless it is one of the first 10 picks, in which case the team loses a second-round pick. The free agent's former team receives a compensation pick at the end of the first round, with these choices coming in reverse order of the 2012 major league standings.

The teams with the 10 lowest revenues and in the 10 smallest markets also could get extra Competitive Balance selections after the first and second rounds. Those teams entered a lottery (weighted by winning percentage) for six supplemental picks after the first round. Clubs that did not get picks in that lottery entered a second lottery for six supplemental picks after the second round. Asterisks denote changes to the regular draft order.

1st Round Supp. 1st 2nd Supp. 2nd 3rd Round Supp. 3rd
1. Astros 34. Royals 40. Astros 69. Padres 74. Astros 106. Athletics*
2. Cubs 35. Marlins* 41. Cubs 70. Rockies 75. Cubs
3. Rockies 36. Dbacks 42. Rockies 71. Athletics 76. Mets*
4. Twins 37. Orioles 43. Twins 72. Brewers 77. Rockies
5. Indians 38. Reds 44. Marlins 73. Marlins* 78. Twins
6. Marlins 39. Tigers* 45. Red Sox 79. Indians
7. Red Sox 46. Royals 80. Marlins
8. Royals 47. Blue Jays 81. Red Sox
9. Pirates* 48. Mets 82. Royals
10. Blue Jays 49. Mariners 83. Blue Jays
11. Mets 50. Padres 84. Mets
12. Mariners 51. Pirates 85. Mariners
13. Padres 52. Dbacks 86. Padres
14. Pirates 53. Phillies 87. Pirates
15. Dbacks 54. Brewers 88. Dbacks
16. Phillies 55. White Sox 89. Phillies
17. White Sox 56. Dodgers 90. Brewers
18. Dodgers 57. Cardinals 91. White Sox
19. Cardinals 58. Tigers 92. Dodgers
20. Tigers 59. Angels 93. Cardinals
21. Rays 60. Rays 94. Tigers
22. Orioles 61. Orioles 95. Angels
23. Rangers 62. Rangers 96. Phillies*
24. Athletics 63. Athletics 97. Rays
25. Giants 64. Giants 98. Orioles
26. Yankees 65. Braves 99. Rangers
27. Reds 66. Yankees 100. Athletics
28. Cardinals* 67. Reds 101. Giants
29. Rays* 68. Nationals 102. Braves
30. Rangers* 103. Yankees
31. Braves* 104. Reds
32. Yankees* 105. Nationals
33. Yankees*


First Round Changes


Mark Appel (Photo by Bill Mitchell)

9. Pirates (Compensation for failure to sign 2012 first-rounder Mark Appel).

28. Cardinals (Pick from Brewers as compensation for loss of free agent Kyle Lohse).

29. Rays (Pick from Braves as compensation for loss of free agent B.J. Upton).

30. Rangers (Pick from Angels as compensation for loss of free agent Josh Hamilton).

31. Braves (Pick from Indians as compensation for loss of free agent Michael Bourn). 32. Yankees (Pick from Indians as compensation for loss of free agent Nick Swisher).

33. Yankees (Pick from Nationals as compensation for loss of free agent Rafael Soriano).

Competitive Balance Round A Changes (Supplemental First)

35. Marlins (Pick included with Gorkys Hernandez from Pirates in trade for Gaby Sanchez).

39. Tigers (Trade from Marlins for Competitive Balance Round B pick; included in deal that sent Anibal Sanchez and Omar Infante to the Tigers and Jacob Turner, Rob Brantly and Brian Flynn to the Marlins).

Competitive Balance Round B Changes (Supplemental Second)

73. Marlins (Trade from Tigers for Competitive Balance Round A pick)

Third Round Changes

76. Mets (For failure to sign 2012 second-round pick Teddy Stankiewicz). 96. Phillies (For failure to sign 2012 second-round pick Alec Rash).

Third Round Supplemental

106. Athletics (For failure to sign 2012 third-round pick Kyle Twomey).

Which Teams Have An Abundance Of Picks?

Most First Round Picks
Picks Team
3 Yankees
2 Cardinals
2 Pirates
2 Rangers
2 Rays

The changes in draft compensation rules have lessened the draft bonanzas that we saw under the old rules. But there are still five teams that have two or more first round picks, including the Yankees three first round picks, although none are higher than pick No. 26. The Pirates are the only team to pick up a first-round pick as compensation for failing to sign a first-round pick in the 2012 draft. The other five “extra” first-round picks came for losing free agents who had received qualifying offers before they signed elsewhere.

Teams Without
A First-Round Pick
Team First Pick
Brewers 2nd (54
Angels 2nd (59)
Nationals 2nd (68)

On the other hand, three teams do not have a first-round pick. All lost their first-round pick for signing free agents. This is a somewhat normal situation for the Angels. This is the fifth time in the past ninth year that the Angels have not had a first-round pick. They also went without a first round pick in 2012, 2008, 2007 and 2005. The last time the Nationals/Expos didn’t have a first-round pick was back in 1982. The Brewers last lost their first-round pick in 1990.

How Much Does My Team Have To Spend? 

The Yankees have three first-round picks and the Astros have one, but because of the new CBA rules, it could be argued that the Astros have significantly more flexibility in how they approach the 2013 draft. Unless they are willing to suffer significant penalties, teams are limited to spending their bonus allotments. The Houston Astros lead all teams with an $11,698,800 allotment for their picks in the first 10 rounds. The Chicago Cubs are second with $10,556,500. The Nationals are last with only $2,737,200 to spend on their nine picks in the top 10 rounds.

Our complete list of bonus pool allotments breaks down how much each team has to spend.