Welcome To Draft Day!

Whatever the biggest day of the year is at your home or office, we can say without fear of hyperbole that draft day is a million times better.

First of all, draft day is more than just one day. It’s actually three. Second of all, it’s a day that brings together what Baseball America does all year on the amateur side–covering high schools, colleges, travel ball, showcases, summer college leagues–and joins it with everything we do on the professional side. Today these amateur players become prospects for your favorite team, beginning what they hope is a path to the major leagues.

2014MLBDraftLogThe fun starts tonight at 6 p.m. Eastern when MLB Network’s coverage begins, with Baseball America editor John Manuel part of the broadcast team providing analysis. The actual drafting gets under way at 7 p.m., and MLB Network will broadcast the first two rounds as well as the supplemental rounds that follow each. The drafting picks up on Friday at 1 p.m. on MLB.com, when scouting directors will run through rounds three-10. It all wraps up on Saturday, again at 1 p.m. on MLB.com, with rounds 11-40.

We’ll have coverage every step of the way here at BA, with analysis of all the early picks continuing all the way through the draft. You can follow everything with our Draft Database, and subscribers can read our hundreds of scouting reports. We’ll also have draft reports from every team and track the players who rise and fall. And after that we’ll track signings all the way through the signing deadline in July.

Before all that happens, though, you still have time to get ready. While we’re happy that so many other media outlets are starting to focus much-deserved attention on the draft, we’re the only ones who cover it in this kind of depth, every day of the year. Here’s what you need to get up to speed.

Draft Day Essentials

2014 Draft Order
Find out where your team picks, and get all the other essential information you need about the draft

2014 Bonus Pools
Here’s how much your team has to spend in the draft. Teams can spend up to 5 percent above their pool amount before they lose draft picks as penalty. You can also check out the slot value for every pick in the first 10 rounds if you like (this will also be in our Draft Database). 

2014 BA 500
The best talent for the 2014 draft, in unmatched depth. The list and videos are free to everyone, and subscribers can read all 500 scouting reports.

2014 Draft Map
Take a look at how the talent lines up in each state

John Manuel’s Mock Drafts
Find out not just who your team might pick, but the thinking that has been going into that selection

More Draft Goodness

Those are the keytstones of our our coverage, but that’s far from all there is:

• Clint Longenecker has been analyzing college prospects’ statistical performances all season, and the most recent piece will blow your mind.

• There are the players with the Best Tools in the draft, as well as players who stand out by being younger or older than their peers.

• With Texas high school righthander Tyler Kolek standing out for his size as well as his fastball, Matt Eddy analyzed whether there is an ideal size for a high school pitcher.

• Matt Eddy looked at every major league team’s biggest draft successes, with the top five players each team drafted, signed and sent to its big league roster. And after you read that story, you can head over and enter our Draft Delirium Contest to win one of three great autographed BA products.

• And if you still can’t get enough, just check our index of all of our 2014 draft coverage.

If you aren’t already following our writers on Twitter, make sure you do that for insight and analysis throughout the #mlbdraft: @JohnManuelBA, @Clint_BA, @AaronFitt, @JimShonerd and @JJCoop36.