Vitters Relieved To See Deal Get Done

Less than 20 minutes after signing his new deal, the newest Cub, No. 3 overall draft pick Josh Vitters, was on WGN during the Cubs-Reds game to talk about turning pro.

Vitters was understandably excited about his new deal, but he also seemed somewhat relieved to see it actually get worked out.

“A lot of people were waiting for the deadline because of these new deadline rules. I’m glad for how it worked out,” Vitters said. “I didn’t sleep good last night. I was worried it wouldn’t get done.”

Vitters was ranked as the best hitter, second-best power hitter and closest to the majors among all high school players in Baseball America’s draft preview.

“All of that stuff is awesome. Seeing it in Baseball America, but you don’t really believe it ’til it actually happens,” Vitters said. “I’m signed now so I’m ready to show them that all that stuff is right.”

The third baseman said he’s on his way to Mesa, Ariz., where he will report to the Cubs’ minor league complex.