Up To 11

• The third UGA starter goes here in the 11th round as Nathan Moreau is selected by the Orioles at 326. All three Bulldog weekend starters are eerily similar, which may be why they were all selected close to the same point in the draft.

• N.C. State toolsy outfielder Marcus Jones is selected by the Nationals at 331. Jones is an athletic, lean and wiry center fielder that can really run, catch and throw. Jones also has power at the plate, creating leverage with his long arms. This only question with him is if he will hit enough at the next level. This is a good pick for the Nationals in the 11th round, if Jones (a D.C. area native) signs.

• One of the Junior College ranks’ more intriguing guys, Devin Shepherd, is drafted by the Cardinals at 335. Shepherd has been up and down in scouts minds, ever since he came on the radar. He has the tools to play at the major league level but has just never been able to put it all together. Shepherd was introduced as a right fielder. He had big workouts in high school and got a reputation as a showcase performer and had excellent workouts this week for the Cardinals, hitting nine home runs with a wood bat according to one source.

• Florida prep shortstop Rolando Gomez finally gets drafted as the Angels select him with the 349th pick. Gomez is a flashy middle infielder from Florida with real defensive ability. He is a diminutive 5-feet-7, 150 pounds, but has smooth actions in the field and live hands at the plate. Gomez is a lefthanded hitter and can really fly down the line.