Twins Grab Ortiz, Jimenez Still Available

Like Javier Rodriguez, the first player taken from Puerto Rico (Mets, 68th overall), Danny Ortiz improved his draft stock last month at the Excellence Tournament in Puerto Rico.

Ortiz became the second player from Puerto Rico taken when the Twins grabbed him in the fourth round with the 126th overall pick. Though Rodriguez was picked first, Ortiz improved his draft status even more in the last month, putting on an impressive hitting display in front of scouts in attendance.

Ortiz was announced at the draft as a center fielder, but scouts think he’s going to end up in left field. At 5-foot-11, Ortiz is three inches shorter than Rodriguez and lacks classic size. But his swing is pure and his quick hands help him generate power to all fields, giving him a a projectable bat with a good approach at the plate.

That still leaves Puerto Rico catcher Antonio Jimenez available. Jimenez was the top-ranked talent from Puerto Rico before his elbow injury, but it looks like Jimenez and Ortiz catapulted ahead of Jimenez on draft boards after the outfielders’ impressive performances last month and when word on Jimenez’s medical came out.